Extensis Portfolio Server

Extensis Portfolio Server

Elevate the Impact of Your Digital Assets

Power creativity, collaboration, and productivity with discoverable assets

Say goodbye to poorly organized and disconnected filing systems that limit usage of your organization’s valuable assets, squander creativity, and challenge collaboration. Extensis Portfolio lets you create a single source for all of your images, videos, and documents so you can easily organize, find, manage, and use your assets effectively—even as your collection grows.

Support workgroups and workflows across the enterprise

Whether you’re a small or mid-size workgroup, in marketing or operations, Portfolio lets you access and share your digital assets with internal teams, partners, and customers—anywhere in the world. This trusted and affordable digital asset management (DAM) solution can be set up within days and used with your existing business systems and workflow. Portfolio includes everything you need to get started, right out of the box. Plus, flexible and cost-effective add-ons let you extend functionality when you need it.

Easy to Use, Yet Rich with Features

Portfolio is loaded with the features you need to create, organize, find, share, and protect your assets.

  • Quickly upload files, from images to documents to videos
  • Create meaningful collections and galleries
  • Find assets easily
  • Share assets with everyone who needs them
  • Seamlessly integrate with your workflow

Configurable to Meet Your Needs

Portfolio is a modular solution that scales with your organization. Optional add-ons are available to extend built in capabilities based on your unique needs.

Simplify File Sharing

With Portfolio NetPublish, it’s easy to publish dynamic websites that can be accessed from any browser on any device. Share what you want, when you want, how you want.

Maximize Throughput

Portfolio Media Engine spreads tasks like ingesting assets, resizing images, and transcoding video across multiple servers to easily accommodate concurrent requests.

Accelerate Keywording

Portfolio’s Smart Keywords add-on module dramatically reduces manual time assigning keywords, the underpinning for effective digital asset management.

Integrate Systems and Workflows

Leverage Portfolio’s API to develop applications that plug right into your existing workflow. Assets can be easily organized, located and quickly generated for use by other systems.

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