About company

Softprom distributes Primeur`s solutions in Central and Eastern Europe, CIS countries, Georgia and Ukraine. 

Primeur product lines

  • Data One — Hybrid Data Integration Platform, designed to preserve your existing IT systems, know-how, and investments, optimizing efficiency and productivity while simplifying and accelerating all Data Integration processes.
  • Data Mover — multi-protocol, multi-platform, managed, and secure file transfer enterprise solution able to create a fluid and secure communication flow between different applications.
  • Data Watcher — end-to-end dataflow monitoring and control solution. It provides visibility and full control of dataflows, from source to destination, including transformation.
  • Data Shaper — a graphical, wizard-driven, and easy-to-use software that supports any-to-any transformation for all data formats – flat files, CSV, XML, Excel, Database, EDI, industry formats (HIPAA), etc. It also supports file splitting, transformation, routing, aggregation, and enrichment to support varying business needs.
  • Data Privacy — GDPR readiness and compliance solution, designed to fulfill the needs of Data Protection Officers, IT professionals, Security and Compliance leaders. Modular, multi-language, and multi-user, it keeps Personal Data under control.