About company

Gytpol Validator is the leading Next Generation Vulnerability and Compliance solution for Endpoint Configuration Security (ECS) for IT Security. It provides continuous end-to-end monitoring for non-compliance and vulnerabilities due to misconfigurations and human errors.  

These gaps go undetected by other endpoint threats & vulnerability security tools, which are exploited by hackers.  The visibility provided through Gytpol Validator allows organizations to extend their overall security protection coverage and reduce operational issues.

It also includes detection of vulnerabilities, lateral movement, and real-time attacks which are not yet covered by standard security baselines and compliance standards.  Gytpol also supports immediate and automatic remediation, saving you time and rapid mitigation of risks. 

According to the contract , Softprom promotes and distributes Gytpol`s solution (Innovative Validator Endpoint Protection) on Central and Eastern Europe, CIS countries, Georgia and Ukraine.