About company

Siemplify was born out of the need for a better, simpler, more effective way to manage security operations. We were built by security operations experts who spent years honing their skills on the front lines of Israeli cyber intelligence agencies.

Founded in 2015 by Israeli Defense Forces experts with extensive experience running and training dozens of security operations centers worldwide, Siemplify is headquartered in New York, with offices in Tel Aviv. Our founders – Amos Stern, Alon Cohen and Garry Fatakhov – added to that experience by training and improving SOC teams around the globe. Their deep background in SOC management, security analysis and data science, paired with first-hand knowledge of the daily challenges security operations teams face, led to the creation of the Siemplify Security Operations Platform, the industry’s leading independent SOAR platform.

Siemplify, the leading independent security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) provider, is redefining security operations for enterprises and MSSPs worldwide. The Siemplify platform is an intuitive workbench that enables security teams to manage their operations from end to end, respond to cyberthreats with speed and precision, and get smarter with every analyst interaction.



SOAR Platform

The Siemplify SOAR platform combines security orchestration, automation, and response with end-to-end security operations management to make analysts...



How to increase the productivity of security centers by an order of magnitude and another +2 times?