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GoTo’s flexible-work software — including GoTo Connect, GoTo Resolve, Rescue, Central, and more — is built for small and midsize business IT departments, but powerful enough for the enterprise.

GoTo software is designed to support end-users' unified communications & collaboration (UCC) and IT management & support needs, and nearly 800K customers contribute to the more than 1 billion people joining meetings, classes, and webinars through GoTo’s UCC products, and half a billion connections on the company's remote access and support tools.

By building its secure, easy-to-use software, GoTo is committed to ensuring the time at work is well spent so that time outside of work is better spent.

Today, the company is the trusted partner for companies of all sizes to connect, collaborate, secure their workforces, and support employees and customers. GoTo portfolio of products, including LastPass, GoTo Connect and Rescue, helps:

It's not about where or when you work. It's about how you get it done.

  • People, by letting them work securely from wherever they need to, keeping them happy, safe, and productive.
  • Businesses, by guaranteeing continuity in the face of disruptions, accelerating their ability to reduce costs and hit sustainability goals.
  • Everyone, by delivering flexible tools built for navigating work and life easily.