About company

Logsign was established in 2010 to enable cyber security practitioners to work more efficiently with smart, clutter-free, and next-generation software. Securing the IT systems and managing cyber security operations should not be so complex, time consuming and overpriced. Logsign considered the market’s current and future needs and developed smart and simple-to-use SIEM and SOAR software.

Logsign believes that in this era automation handles up to 98% of manual workload. Thus, efficiency in cybersecurity operations is not a dream anymore. SOAR software is in the heart of security operations. It enhances security teams by enabling them to work in a smart, collaborative and effective environment. You can’t protect before you see and detect. Collecting, visualizing and turning any data into actionable intelligence are possible via Logsign's infinitely scalable and cluster SIEM. With 10 years of experience, Logsign is a sincere team player for all internal & external parties, trusted by more than 500 enterprises, ministries and state agencies.

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Logsign Next-Gen SIEM Platform

Designed to be the Ultimate SIEM.


Logsign SOAR

Move your SecOps forward with automated workflows, better investigation and faster incident response on a single, effective platform.



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