Logsign SOAR

Logsign SOAR

Move your SecOps forward with automated workflows, better investigation and faster incident response on a single, effective platform.

The Logsign Security Automation, Orchestration and Response Platform

Connects people, process and technology to effectively manage and streamline your security operations. Automate security devices and guide your team into the same direction to keep work flowing, investigate better, and respond faster.

Automate and Orchestrate Workflows

Automate time-consuming repetitive tasks and keep security analysts on the same page with interactive case management. Manage end-to-end incident life cycle in harmony.

Accelerated Incident Response

Investigate alerts and validate threat levels. Triage them to reduce the false positives. Respond in seconds not hours.

Why Logsign SOAR?

  • Empowers Analyst Contribution & Collaboration: Every analyst can contribute to the case, and the owner and contributors communicate easily to resolve, respond or escalate to one another.
  • Force Multiplier Effect: We created humanoid Bots to enhance the power of analysts. Include the Logsign bots into your team. Let them work simultaneously.
  • Designed For The Right GOAL: Logsign SOAR welcomes the analysts with a personal workbench screen to direct them to the right GOAL at the right time.

Integrate & Automate Logsign SOAR is an independent platform, so there is no limit or barriers to integrate any security tools that you use in your SOC operations.