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Softprom named AWS Retail Partner of the Year 2021 in CEAR (Central Eurasia...

Softprom, a leading information technology company, today announced that it has been recognized as the ‘AWS Retail Partner of the Year 2021 in CEAR (Central... read more


How to increase the productivity of security centers by an order of magnitude...

We are sharing the Benefits of SOAR Implementation read more


Fake e-mail bill from the tax office - how many victims will there be?

How to protect mail servers in the government`s departments read more


5 Steps to Improve Your Multi-Cloud Infrastructure Protection | RedSeal...

Sequence of actions to reduce risks: visualization, inventory, monitoring... read more


Tips for DevOps and CISO - Why and When Data Masking Is Used | Infognito...

How to protect sensitive data in accordance with the requirements of regulators and common sense read more


Train Your Team on Cyberbit's Hyper Realistic Cyberbit Range

Cyberbit prepares your SOC team for real-world cyber attacks. read more


More traps = less risk | TrapX

Hardening your security infrastructure with DeceptionGrid read more


Artificial Intelligence for Data Loss Protection and Insider Threat |...

Protection from data loss and Insider Threat read more


What to do if someone starts to fake you | BrandShield

6 proven tactics to protect your brand from counterfeiting read more


Online session: how famous companies can protect themselves from online...

Brand protection in 2022 - an overview of the world's best practices Register

26.10.2021 - 26.10.2021

Softprom signed a distribution agreement with BrandShield — monitors,...

Softprom will provide distribution and promotion of BrandShield products in the European Union, Switzerland, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan,... read more


28/09 Webinar: Digital customer experience. Trends 2022

Scaling your business with Inbound marketing. Create efficient processes and cross-team alignment powered by data Register

28.09.2021 - 28.09.2021

MPA Best Practice Guidelines Name RBI as Implementation Guidance Infrastructure...

In a recent important addition to the Motion Picture Association (MPA) Content Security Program, MPA Best Practices Guidelines were updated to recommend... read more


Red Sift Offer: Email Security Audit

Special offer by Red Sift available for Softprom customers read more


Live Webinar | The Future of Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

This webinar aims to discuss key MFA uptake obstacles and how they must be solved in order to encourage higher adoption rates for continued ATO fraud... read more


Gartner recommends: 10 security controls for Operational Technology

Gartner predicts by 2025 cyber attackers will have weaponized Operational Technology Environments to successfully harm or kill humans. Organizations can... read more


How to detect compromised remote users with TrapX Flex.

See how you can protect your work-from-home users by Deception Technology and how an attack looks like from the defender's/administrator's point of view. ... read more


Cloud WAF & DDoS Protection Offer

Connecting your website, DNS server, or a specific IP address to a cloud-based auto-blocking service. (The service is provided free of charge for up to... read more


Gartner: Is your Organization Mature Enough for SOAR?

Read the latest Gartner paper sponsored by ThreatQuotient - Is your organization mature enough for SOAR? read more


Softprom signed distribution agreement with GYTPOL, Endpoint Configuration...

July 2021 — Softprom, Value Added IT Distributor, and GYTPOL, the leading Next Generation Vulnerability and Compliance solution for Endpoint Configuration... read more


Nextgen - Cyberquest announce advanced Cybersecurity solution for small...

Nextgen Software, creators of the award winning Cyberquest – Cybersecurity solution, announce a major release and upgrade to their platform, providing... read more