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[Webinar recording] Trends in B2B Sales 2023

Learn about changes in customer behavior that will significantly affect sales in 2023. Tools and techniques, which help sales teams generate leads ... read more


Softprom signed a distribution agreement with Xnoova, owner of Chimpa...

Xnoova provides a UEM (Unified Endpoint Management) and MTD (Mobile Threat Defense) entirely developed in Italy and is one of the few solutions on the... read more


How to prevent phishing attacks in your organization?

The most popular phishing techniques: email phishing, spear phishing, CEO Fraud, Business Email Compromise (BEC), Brand Spoofing, Clickjacking, Pharming,... read more


19/01 Webinar. Trends in B2B sales that we'll face in 2023

An expert's view on changes in customer behavior that will dramatically affect B2B sales in 2023. Top-7 tools for the sales department. Register

19.01.2023 - 19.01.2023

Stay ahead of the problems in 2023! - How network monitoring strengthens...

Continue the security journey with Softprom and Sycope Register

26.01.2023 - 09.02.2023