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LastPass Recognized for Authentication Technology Innovation with 2020...

The CyberSecurity Breakthrough Awards honour excellence and recognize the innovation, hard work and success in a range of information security categories,... read more


EMA Radar Report: AIOps – A Guide for Investing in Innovation

Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) reached out to vendors (17) that it felt were qualified for this Radar in 2020. EMA evaluated these AIOps... read more


Softprom to sign distribution contract with GTB Technologies

SOFTPROM, Value Added Distributor in Europe and CIS, and GTB Technologies, Inc. a leading data security provider, signed a distribution agreement for... read more


What is Autonomous Cyber Security Training?

A CISO's perspective on a proven new approach to training enterprise employees. read more


Softprom signed partner’s agreement with KIANA ANALYTICS, geolocation...

According to contract, Softprom will promote KIANA solutions on the European Union, CIS, Georgia and Ukraine. read more


Softprom signed distribution agreement with Acunetix

According the contract, Softprom’ll promote Acunetix solutions on the Central and Eastern Europe, CIS countries, Georgia and Ukraine. Acunetix is known... read more


How to protect commercial and open-source web products, websites made...

The “No compromises” Web Scanner analyzes websites and web applications independent of the technology used to build and execute them.  read more


Netsparker web application security solution

Powerful yet user-friendly – the best web application security scanner for small and medium businesses. read more


Verifying Website Ownership

How to verify website ownership when adding a new website in Netsparker Enterprise. read more


Remote Employee Monitoring: How to Make Remote Work Effective and Secure...

Cybersecurity specialists treat remote employees as a threat, and they’re right to do so. However, remote work isn’t a temporary trend — it’s here to... read more


ZoneZero - Perimeter Access Orchestration Platform

ZoneZero Perimeter Access Orchestration for True Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) Implementation. read more


Which CyberSecurity product protects your company best?

Looking to compare several CyberSecurity products shortlisted for purchase? Find out which product protects your company best read more


VPN connections are increasingly vulnerable. But is there any VPN alternative?...

Safe-T makes it easy to create such a work environment, where you can afford everything. And trust nothing.  read more


Interview with our founder and CEO

Paul Zhdanovych, founder and CEO of Softprom, speaks about our roots, current activities and future challenges. read more


Be the Hero, defending against immediate threats

Knowing your security  posture seems impossible. How safe is my company right now? Where am I most vulnerable? Are we protected against the newest... read more


Bad Bot Report 2020: Bad Bots Strike Back

The 7th Annual Bad Bot Report is now available from Imperva. Prepared by data from Imperva’s Threat Research Lab, it provides a comprehensive look at... read more


Stay one step ahead of the game. 14 Days Free Trial.

Continuous Security Assessment with Cymulate. An award-winning SaaS-based Breach and Attack Similation (BAS) platform, tests the strength of your security... read more


Centerity - AIOps and Dynamic Business Service Views

Learn how Centerity delivers AI assisted process to have at a glance visibility into the status of key business services. read more


SOAR solutions becomes one of the main information security trends.

In the field of combating cyber threats, where quick response is very important, corporate information security services have begun to rely more and more... read more


How to increase effectiveness with the lack of cybersecurity experts.

Platforms can help security teams automate time-consuming tasks and provide SOCs, analysts or incident responders with the right data at the right time... read more


Why Even Regulated Industries Need BAS Solutions?

 The need for Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) solutions becomes even stronger when you are in a regulated environment.  read more