About company

CybeReady is the outcome of years of collaboration in which have been exploring the “Human Genome” of Information Security.

They founded CybeReady because they believe traditional information security is failing organizations by rarely addressing the risks posed by their most critical asset: people. Deep understanding and insight into the processes required to manage these risks led to the development of a wide variety of methods, which we use to assist organizations worldwide in adopting information security best practices.


CybeReady solution takes a customized, three-fold approach to readiness: anti-phishing assessment, monitoring, and training. We send disguised emails using different attack scenario simulations (including both spray and spear phishing) to your employees on an ongoing basis. Employees’ reactions are tested using various methods and levels of deception.




Behavioral Adaptive Simulation & Training

The only autonomous phishing simulations and training program for enterprises, CybeReady’s award-winning solution guarantees to change employee behaviour...