The perfect add-on to CybeReady’s autonomous training platform.

Preparing for your cybersecurity training audit requires extensive manual work. Whether it’s the tedious task of writing comprehensive documentation, constantly having to chase employees to read and sign policies, or the ongoing operation of updating spreadsheets to prove compliance -- getting audit-ready is time consuming!
AuditReady  takes care of all of that for you. Built with an automated delivery and tracking management system, AuditReady sends mandatory security awareness training to employees, tracks their completion and generates one-click reports.

Better together: BLAST + CAB + AuditReady

  1. Achieve Compliance Fully editable content includes expertly-crafted policies in any language, all branded with your own corporate flavor.
  2. Maintain Compliance Automatic delivery of compliance training to your entire workforce,with auto-inclusion of new employees as they join.
  3. Prove Compliance Instantly-generated compliance reports, so you’re always ready for a potential audit (say goodbye to spreadsheets and panic attacks!)

AuditReady provides mandatory periodic training, complementing BLAST and CAB’s continuous training, and ensuring your organization is both aware of and compliant with policies and regulations. When added to CybeReady’s autonomous training platform, your team can rest assured you have the most comprehensive phishing simulations, security awareness and compliance programs, with the least amount of IT effort.