BLAST - Behavioral adaptive phishing simulation & training

BLAST - Behavioral adaptive phishing simulation & training

Phishing simulations and short learning sessions in one integrative experience ensure learning 'in the golden moment' and eliminate friction with employees.

BLAST: the most innovative simulations & training solution available today, that guarantees to change employee behavior towards phishing attacks with almost zero IT resources!

Choose BLAST - Behavioral Adaptive Simulation & Training if you’re looking to:

  • Deploy an automated program built by security awareness experts
  • Run an effective solution without interfering with your schedule
  • Provide your employees with an empowering training experience

There are 3 main components of an effective phishing simulations program. BLAST allows you to run them continuously without the hassle.

Run data-driven campaigns

  • Automated engine suggests the right set of phishing simulations for your organization.
  • Award Winning ML engine uses Smart-Assign to assign simulations per department.
  • Localization engine runs simulations in 35 different languages in parallel.

Provide adaptive training

  • Every simulation directs to custom training content that is tailored for the simulation.
  • Location-based content personalization makes your employees feel the simulation speaks their language.
  • The content is branded according to your organization look and feel.

Risk-based programs

  • Employees are automatically enrolled in specialized training programs based on their performance.
  • Phishing content and level of difficulty is adjusted to the training group needs.
  • Gain insights into your risk groups with advanced analytics.


  • Advanced real-time KPIs empower CISO via insights on email security risk and employee anti-phishing learning progress.
  • Fastest time-to-value and continuous training (1 hour onboarding process, 24 hours to first campaign, 12 annual simulations per user).
  • Localized content in 36 languages and 66 countries worldwide (up to one week for any additional language).