Use Case


  • Implementation that does not affect network performance,
  • Advanced protection,
  • Data privacy protection,
  • Identification of hostile intrusions,
  • Protection from MEDJACK (attacks on medical equipment),
  • In real-time alerts,
  • Integration with existing security software.


  1. Easy implementation and integration.
  2. Network security improvement.
  3. Threat prevention.
  4. Full network access control.
  5. Penetration detection.
  6. Neutralization of attacks.
  7. Perimeter protection gain.
  8. Elimination of damages.


About us

Assuta Medical Centers is the largest and most progressive network of private hospitals and institutions in Israel with modern operating rooms and support departments. In this regard, this network can not afford to be at risk of attack from hackers. These attacks can compromise the integrity and confidentiality of their clients' medical records, as well as the proper operation of the company's critical medical devices.


A report from the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology (ICIT) shows that 75% of organizations are experiencing attempts to hack their information systems. The health sector is much more vulnerable than any other industry. Information about patients' medical records, social security numbers and personal addresses make the organization a very attractive target for intruders. In addition, attacks on medical equipment (MEDJACK) continue to spread.

The solution to this problem was to allow Assuta medical centers not to stop the process and not lose performance, but at the same time to use all the available technological capabilities to prevent unauthorized access to the network. Also, an immediate identification of hostile intrusions was needed, which bypass the already unfolded cyber defense in the network and the message about their location and the level of damage they cause.

As a major supplier of medical services, our organization is responsible for ensuring the protection of our patients' confidential data. We are constantly striving to better and more intelligently protect our assets.

Tamir Ronen, director of information security at Assuta Medical Centers

TrapX DeceptionGrid is an additional level of security in the corporate infrastructure that detects a violation immediately when it occurs and provides customers with high-precision alerts that prevent data leak from the network.


TrapX Security has integrated its powerful DeceptionGrid technology into already unfolded protection system in the organization from ForeScout, CounterACT is an agentless monitoring and control device that dynamically identifies and evaluates network endpoints and applications as they connect to the network.

Integration of DeceptionGrid has become an important solution due to its innovative threat detection technology. Unlike traditional security methods that generate alerts based on probabilities and known threats, DeceptionGrid alerts are binary: attackers either try to use a trap or not. This allows you to completely avoid misoperations and saves the valuable time of security teams.


Unfolding of TrapX DeceptionGrid to Medical Centers Assuta covers many virtual networks, most of which are part of the medical network and provide greater visibility of internal movement in the network, expanding the ability to detect attacks that bypass controls of already installed ForeScout.

Assuta clinics improved their network security and prevented incoming threats by integrating the DeceptionGrid solution into ForeScout. ForeScout provides visibility and policy-based access control for connected medical devices and other devices to prevent unauthorized access to the centers' network. But in order for the organization to be sure that its patients receive the services they need, the security group also needed a solution that not only prevents access to the network, but also identifies the attacker who receives unauthorized access. Thanks to DeceptionGrid it became possible.

We chose a solution from TrapX after exploring several options in the industry. With the help of TrapX solution, confidential data of our patients and our company's assets are protected as good as possible.

Tamir Ronen, director of information security at Assuta Medical Centers