Use Case


  • Find an alternative replacement for AutoCAD. Easy activation licenses
  • CAD that can run on simple PCs that do not require a lot of RAM
  • Convenient and understandable Russian-language interface. Developer support


  1. Quick transition from AutoDesk to ZWCAD without business interruption
  2. High performance without replacing PCs with more powerful ones
  3. 30% savings on previous software costs


The best alternative to AutoCAD. What choice did Beeline Kazakhstan make

Beeline Kазахстан used AutoDesk solutions before ZWCAD to design premises for new offices, develop furniture, and check contractors' projects. Existing software has not coped with the tasks, which increased with the development of the business. PCs hung up, it was necessary to update the fleet of machines before installing the software, there were problems with activation. License activation went through third-party servers that changed every time and therefore it was blocked by FireWall.

In 2022, the question arose of finding a new CAD system that would close both the existing design tasks and expand the possibilities of its use in other departments: the design of the DRS, the design service for communication facilities, the comfort service, etc.

The client considered the proposals of such CAD systems: AutoCAD, SketchUP, Libre CAD, ZWCAD. The key requirements for the product were: ease of use at work, a clear Russian-language interface so that it would not take a lot of time to retrain employees. No need to buy powerful machines to install software, license activation was easier and without blocking. Fast and constant support from the developer.

As a result, Beeline Kazakhstan made its choice on the ZWCAD solution - a multifunctional tool for 2D/3D design and work with drawings, realistic visualization.


We had AutoDesk before that. After purchasing the new software, we simply uninstalled the AutoDesk installations and installed ZWCAD. There were no difficulties. We downloaded the distribution and activated it. Softprom engineers were very helpful, they provided technical support and advice.

Our company is one of the best employers on the market. Now Beeline employs about 6,000 employees throughout Kazakhstan, so it was very important for me as a manager that the work process for employees was not interrupted, as well as to reduce unnecessary costs for maintaining the company’s software and hardware fleet.

Akyk Ruslana, SAM manager, Program Asset Manager Beeline Kazakhstan

ZWCAD is not only for office design and drawing drawings

Today, Beeline Kazakhstan uses ZWCAD products not only for architectural and design purposes, but has significantly expanded the pool of business tasks:

  • Designing new offices and retail outlets of the company
  • Drawing drawings of premises, drawing plans for engineering networks, creating projects
  • Development of drawings for furniture placement
  • To verify and execute construction projects from contractors (towers, data centers, base stations)
  • Design of HDN (House Distribution Network).

In the near future, the client plans to expand the licenses used for such departments: the communication object design service (TD), the comfort service (HR), the service directorate (B2B, sales), the DRS design department, the fixed network planning and development department.

After switching to ZWCAD, the client also notes that it has become more convenient to predict costs, there is no need to spend money on licenses every year. You can pay for license renewal for 3 years in advance. This allows you to set a fixed price for software and not depend on fluctuations in the exchange rate in the regional market, the pricing policy of the vendor. Beeline Kazakhstan has already experienced up to 30% savings from previous software costs.

Softprom engineers demonstrated to Beeline Kazakhstan the capabilities and benefits of ZWCAD, analyzed the infrastructure, assessed the risks and developed a migration plan, provided advice and support during the transition from AutoDesk to ZWCAD.

The customer was interested in receiving a replacement AutoCAD product. At the meeting, we proposed several alternatives, ultimately  the client choose the ZWCAD. The work is proceeding productively and in a benevolent policy. Within a few months, the client tested and decided on the product, allocated a budget and made a purchase. There were no difficulties during the implementation.

Alexander Lisitsin, Business Development Manager, SOFTPROM Kazakhstan

ZWCAD is a CAD solution with DWG format compatibility, familiar user interface, ultra-fast speed and affordable perpetual licensing.

ZWCAD is 19.5 times faster than AutoCAD.

Softprom is a distributor of ZWSOFT.

Beeline Kazakhstan is a digital operator with the widest LTE network coverage in the country, the leader in the number of cellular subscribers in Kazakhstan, whose services are used by more than 10 million customers. The company is part of the international group of companies VEON, headquartered in the Netherlands. Along with basic communication services, the company provides digital solutions - big data, multimedia services, television, Internet of things (NB-IoT, M2M, E2E, MDM), cloud, mobile financial services, Simply neobank, hitter music service and others.