Use Case


  • Standardized E-Mail Archiving
  • Archiving and Legal Compliance
  • Easy Implementation


  1. Cross-state optimization of E-mail management
  2. Uniform and compliant E-mail archiving
  3. Permanent access to information from older E-mails
  4. Fast interconnection to existing Lotus Notes infrastrucutre
  5. High level of security and accountability for sensitiva data in the medical sector,mnbvcxbnm


Standardized E-Mail Archiving

As part of restructuring processes, AMS faced the challenge of optimizing its man- agement of e-mails at an international level. Ensuring uniform and compliant retention and archiving of all e-mail messages was a top priority. The solution not only had to comply with all specifi ed regulatory require- ments, but also needed to provide access to required information from past e-mail messages at all times. „At our headquarters in the United Kingdom, we rely on Lotus Notes for our e-mail communication, which has prov- en reliable and functions well,“ says Jonathan Orme, IS Support Manager at Advanced Medical Solutions Group. „As the company structure has changed through acquisitions, we have been looking for a uniform e-mail archiving and management solution that can store contents for a long period of time and in a legally compliant manner.“


Archiving and Legal Compliance

While searching for a suitable solution, the IT team at AMS Group made use of existing expertise coming from within the company: RESORBA Medical GmbH, a German subsidi- ary in Nuremberg acquired in 2011, has been using the EMA® from ARTEC IT Solutions successfully for a number of years. EMA® is not only designed to ensure accordance with applicable archiving regulations at all times, but it also guarantees rapid access to all e-mail messages using an integrated full-text search engine. Orme further explained that „Although the general statutory guidelines for retaining business correspondence in Great Britain are not quite as strict as in Germany, we consider it advantageous to implement a solution that can also satisfy signifi cantly stricter regulatory and legal compliance regulations. This is im- portant to us, because the medical technology industry works in a very sensitive environment and we therefore need to keep long-term security and compliance in mind. We also like that EMA® supports various kinds of external storage. This gives us fl exibility and makes sure that we can grow the solution to meet our demands.“ A clear advantage for AMS Group is the high degree of security and auditability that EMA® provides as an appliance with many security features. These include integrated TPM tech- nology, secure encryption of all data, and the assignment of tamper-proof electronic date and time stamps. In Great Britain and the United States, safety of engineering in the medical sector and the GAMP guidelines (Good Automated Manufacturing Practice Supplier Guide for Validation of Automated Systems in Pharmaceutical Manufacture) play a very important role. AMS aims to meet this high quality and security standard globally, and uses e-mail archiving and infor- mation management as one way to monitor compliance.


Easy Implementation

Due to its design as a completely pre-con- fi gured appliance, it was very easy to install EMA® at AMS in the headquarters in Wins- ford. The solution was put into operation over a single weekend, since only minimum adjustments to the existing Lotus Notes in- frastructure needed to be made. Since then, EMA® has been archiving all ingoing and out- going e-mail messages fully automatically. Messages are stored in a complete and le- gally compliant archive and can be accessed and recovered at any time. Users continue to work with the existing Lotus Notes system that they have grown used to: sending and receiving e-mail works like it always has, so no additional training was required. EMA® remains available in the background for live archiving, and the IT department can access the archive as needed.