3DEXPERIENCE for Startups: save up to 90% on Dassault Systemes solutions

Promotions | 24.05.2024

3DEXPERIENCE platform in the cloud for launching your startups and business development

3DEXPERIENCE for Startups is a multi-year program for startups that provides full access to the functionality of CATIA, SIMULIA, DELMIA, ENOVIA and other industry-leading Dassault Systemes product development solutions. Startups receive discounted pricing, support and training on Dassault Systemes solutions.

Many startups in the world have already chosen the 3DEXPERIENCE platform in the cloud to bring their ideas to life, focusing on development rather than seeking funding.

Syroco startup case study: designing a superfast yacht. Dassault Systèmes' 3DEXPERIENCE cloud-based platform, including its integrated CATIA and SIMULIA products, helped Syroco team members virtually simulate and analyze various ship designs and understand the impact of a number of external factors. More about the case study here.

Benefits of the 3DEXPERIENCE for Startups program:

  • Significant budget savings, no expensive IT infrastructure required
  • Rapid deployment and flexible scaling, no complex installation and customization required
  • Product support from the vendor
  • Up to 90% discount on all additional solutions in the Dassault Systemes portfolio (not included in the base package) in the first year of use
  • E-learning modules to improve your technical knowledge - learn a variety of functionality online
  • Communities for personalized expert advice
  • Co-marketing opportunities.

A budget of 474 euros per year per user is enough to start, then scale up to meet the needs of your business.

What is included in the 3DEXPERIENCE for Startups Basic Package

  • 3DEXPERIENCE core platform for cloud storage and seamless business collaboration between employees using both internal and external data — 1 role (474E)
  • CATIA — for mechanical design and freeform design — 3 roles
  • Netwibes — for collecting, navigating and comparing complex industry analytics — the ability to collect data from all over the internet along with your internal data and business metrics — 1 role
  • SIMULIA — for structural analysis — 1 role, for advanced fluid-gas dynamic calculation and simulations — 1 role, for expert electromagnetic analysis — 1 role.
  • Solidworks web solution — for design and stylistic design directly in WEB — 2 roles
  • ENOVIA — for data storage and management in the context of life cycle, planning and project management, document management and electronic model structure — 4 roles
  • Connectors for seamless two-way interaction with existing Catia V5 and Solidworks Desktop — 2 roles
  • Optional: Opportunity to purchase any role from any of the Dassault Systemes opt-cloud portfolio at a 90% discount.

Which companies can benefit from the 3DEXPERIENCE for Startups promo

  • Companies created less than 5 years old
  • Companies with less than 5,000,000 Euros in funding
  • A company with less than 5,000,000 Euros in revenues
  • Company mentored by a Venture Capital, Accelerator or Incubator
  • Maximum of 20 users eligible to use platform per company.

Join the 3DEXPERIENCE for startups program and grow your business with 3DEXPERIENCE today!

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