[AWS case-study] Identifying customers at PIZZA Day service points with AWS services

News | 26.04.2024

Case-study of the pizzeria chain PIZZA Day: Customer Identification by Video Camera Image and Amazon Rekognition Service

Prerequisites for implementing AWS Rekognition in a pizzeria chain

The IT team of PIZZA Day faced the task of implementing the most innovative and at the same time simple solutions to reduce the service time for each guest. To implement the project we needed technologies that would enable us to identify the client during the visit to the pizzeria without specifying the phone number for identification.

Softprom engineers developed a working model (demo) of AWS Rekognition usage for the client's needs and provided it to the PIZZA Day IT team for study and testing.

The process of scaling and implementing the solution to a network of 20 service outlets took the team about 2 months.

Results of using AWS services in the PIZZA Day network

  • Implementation of AWS service after successful testing at 20 retail outlets within 2 months
  • Reduced software costs by more than 50%
  • Salesperson has access to complete customer information in seconds, significantly speeding up service

We chose the Amazon Rekognition service. The key benefits were simplicity, reliability and a transparent, clear product cost. Previously, the identification process was longer and made guests uncomfortable. Now the seller has access to complete Customer information in seconds by pressing just one button.

Oleg Bushev, Product Manager, PIZZA Day

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