Anti-Fraud Suite

Anti-Fraud Suite

Innovative modular Fraud Detection Solution for Digital Banking and Payments featuring behavioral profiling incl. behavioral biometrics, transaction risk analysis and threat detection in one machine learning-based analytics engine.  

Fully PSD2 SCA and TRA ready banking fraud prevention that detects cyber threats

Threatmark validates user identity through behavioral biometrics and detects payment fraud using machine learning and business rules in real-time.

ThreatMarks’s next-generation fraud prevention solution called Anti-Fraud Suite (AFS) was created as an answer to the pains of the financial services industry, constantly facing various forms of cybercrime, fraud, and regulatory challenges. We have found that existing fraud detection systems cannot compete with the ever-changing fraud landscape and evolving techniques. ThreatMark Anti-Fraud Suite is based on deep behavioral profiling and machine learning and provides 360° digital banking protection inside all online and mobile channels.

Layered Security Approach against online banking fraud

The solution covers all layers of online fraud prevention defined by Gartner, offering complete protection from both cyber threats and fraud.

  1. Layer 1 - Access: Connection check (TOR, anon-proxy) /// Browser and OS security check /// malware, phishing /// device fingerprint
  2. Layer 2 - Logon: GeoIP check /// Login time check /// Login biometrics /// Velocity check /// Action context
  3. Layer 3 - Navigation: Clickstream profiling /// Scripted access and automatic detection /// Session hijacking /// Behaviour and app interaction biometrics
  4. Layer 4 - Transaction: Money mule blacklist /// Abnormal spending behaviour /// Transaction integrity
  5. Layer 5 - Data Analytics: Big Data AI/ML /// Continous User profiling /// Human Feedback re-learning /// Business Rules

Combination of three absolute necessities in a connected world

  • A powerful machine learning-based engine that can analyze each payment operation or active transaction in real time.
  • An evidence-based cyber threat detection mechanism that can detect zero-day malware, phishing, bots and other attacks seamlessly, without using agents and disturbing users.
  • Unique behavioral profiling techniques, including passive behavioral biometrics, that can be used for risk-based strong customer authentication to verify digital identities, without adding friction to legitimate users and customers.

ThreatMark AFS Major Benefits:

  • works on all devices, across all channels, through one integrated analytical engine.
  • fully customizable to fit your business needs and policies
  • as a modular architecture, meaning that it can be used as a primary anti-fraud solution or as an addition to existing fraud management, effectively filling gaps in the fraud and cyber threat protection layers.


70% Higher Detection Rates

Deep behavioral profiling makes the technology very precise, with significantly better detection rate than traditional solutions.

99% Less False Positives

Used technology and a holistic approach make AFS very precise, with significantly lower number of false positives than traditional solutions.

90% Saved Resources

AFS can verify digital identities with high accuracy, allowing banks to save considerable money on the second authentication factor.

Fast and Easy Deployment

Deployment is done in just weeks. AFS is fully managed on premise or in the cloud. No software licences, no new components to manage.

Rich Analytical Interface

AFS comes with simple yet powerful web interface with many features and visualization, providing full control over the system.

Fraud Analysts‘ Support

ThreatMark provides an option to outsource analytical support in order to get the most out of the solution, and reliably secure your system.


Online Banking Fraud

Online banking channel threats, for example phishing, account takeover, banking malware, scraping and fraudulent transactions, can be solved if you have the right tools, such as ThreatMarks' integrated solution.

Mobile Banking Fraud

The AFS can detect and mitigate mobile-specific fraud and threats. What is more, it employs sophisticated cross-channel verification to detect also the latest multi-platform attacks from a combination of devices.

User Identity Verification

Serious issues such as identity theft and account takeover can be effectively prevented with deep behavioral profiling and behavioral biometrics, while not causing any discomfort to legitimate customers.

Cyber Threats Protection

Malicious user activity, phishing, bots, screen scraping, banking malware and other cyber threats, including brand new and undescribed types, can be detected and mitigated in real time.

Endpoint Protection

Insecure, compromised and infected devices of your customers, regardless of their platform, can be monitored, reported and isolated from your secure environment, preventing them from performing specific transactions.

PSD2 Compliance

Transaction monitoring, strong customer authentication, malware detection, user behavior profiling, device fingerprinting… these are new challenges required by the PSD2 regulation that AFS can solve using one platform.

Dynamic Application Self-Protection

The AFS solution can help you maintain integrity of your web and mobile applications, making them able to protect themselves from injections, tampering, malware, bots and hackers – in real time.

Risk-Based Strong Customer Authentication

The user identity verification is based on continuous behavioral biometry, which makes it possible to use strong, secure risk-based authentication and authorization, ensuring smooth user experience for your clients.