Rhebo Managed Protection

Rhebo Managed Protection

Operational Support And Managed Detection & Response

Consulting | Diagnosis | Forensic Analysis

Rhebo Managed Protection is a managed detection and response service that provides continuous assessment and response to network anomalies discovered by Rhebo Industrial Protector in your Operational Technology. The industrial security services provide you a rapid response to incidents, minimize the risk of downtime and secure your plant availability. Rhebo Managed Protection is available as operational support as well as full managed services.

  • Continuous risk assessment of anomaly alerts by OT cybersecurity experts.
  • Notification of critical events and recommendation of countermeasures.
  • Localization and mitigation of technical error states before availability is affected.
  • Reduction of downtime through rapid forensic analysis.
  • Continuous improvement through monthly assessment of network quality and documented anomalies.
  • Hardened security strategy through regular OT stability and security audits.

Rhebo ReadyNow: Accelerate Forensic Analysis and Harden System Security

Accelerate Forensic Analysis and Harden System Security