Privacy Management

Privacy Management

Comply with CCPA, GDPR, LPPD, and other privacy laws and frameworks

OneTrust Privacy Management - The Nr. 1 most widely-used privacy platform

Streamline the critical elements of your privacy program with pre-built templates and workflows, AI & robotic automation, and regulatory intelligence. Over 10,000 Customers Choose OneTrust to Power​ Their Privacy Programs.

Transparency & Choice

  • Be transparent about online tracking and provide preference management for consumers to update consent over time.
  • Capture consent for cookies, tracking technologies, and marketing communications on web forms and mobile apps.
  • Centrally maintain and dynamically distribute visual, layered, icon-based policies and notices.
  • Embed an branded portal for privacy rights (DSAR) requests through easy-to-use webforms and templates.

Program Management

  • Build a central map of where sensitive data is stored and how it is used by both the business and third party vendors.
  • Streamline the fulfillment of privacy rights requests with automated data discovery and sensitive data redaction.
  • Route Security incidents through an internal response plan with guidance on the laws in the affected jurisdiction.
  • Report on and analyze the performance of privacy programs with visual dashboards and compliance status monitors.

Training & Oversight

  • Stay up to date with the latest privacy news from the world’s largest source of regulatory research.
  • Gather insights from industry experts and access regulatory portals to dive deep into laws and compliance requirements.
  • Deliver current regulatory, industry, and role-specific training content to teams through the OneTrust LMS.
  • Measure privacy program maturity against regulatory laws, privacy frameworks, and similar organizations.

See OneTrust in Action: See how OneTrust can help you operationalize your privacy program to comply with global privacy regulations like the GDPR, CCPA, LGPD and hundreds more. Request a Demo!


OneTrust Privacy Products

Assessment Automation

Automate PIAs, DPIAs, PbD

Privacy Rights (DSAR)

Automate Privacy Rights From Intake to Fulfillment

Policy & Notice Management

Centralize Privacy Policies and Notices Across Websites and Apps

Maturity & Benchmarking

Pre-built templates to asses the maturity of your privacy program

Data Mapping

Maintain Evergreen RoPA & Data Flow maps

Vendor Risk Management

Streamline third-party risk management lifecycle

DataGuidance Research

The most extensive source for privacy, security, and third-party risk research

Data Discovery

AI-powered discovery & classification

Incident Management

Intake and investigate security incidents and Data Breaches

Awareness Trainig

Interactive employee trainings on privacy and security requirements