Password Director

Password Director

Discover a secure, self-service password reset manager

As IT teams implement more rigorous security policies to protect data and the business, end users are challenged to remember more complex passwords, increasing calls to the service desk when they forget them. Resolving password reset requests manually through an already overburdened service desk not only wastes valuable IT time, it hinders the productivity of end users while they’re in queue waiting for assistance.

Increase Productivity with Self-Service Password Reset

Ivanti Password Director empowers end users to resolve their own password resets by giving them secure, 24/7 access to a number of automated, self-service password reset options. End users can reset their passwords or unlock their accounts quickly and securely from the convenience of their Windows pre-login screen, a self-service web portal, or a mobile app—without needing to contact the service desk. This drastically reduces the number of service desk calls, freeing up more time for IT while keeping end users productive. The reset can be performed against Active Directory, Office 365,, Concur, and a growing list of reset sources. Ivanti Password Director also includes support for a wide range of end-user environments, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, mobile, and virtual clients discover a secure, self-service password reset manager.


Ivanti Password Director позволит вам:

  • Eliminate your No. 1 service desk request
  • Reduce IT costs by reducing contact volume
  • Streamline operations and improve service levels
  • Satisfy end users’ expectations for self-sufficiency
  • Ensure business doesn’t stop during IT’s off-hours
  • Boost productivity of both service desk staff and end users

Enforce Stronger Password Policy

Despite the threat of data breaches, many end users practice poor password hygiene by selecting weak passwords that they can remember easily, reusing passwords, or writing their passwords on a sticky note—creating security risks. Ivanti Password Director enables you to strengthen security through the consistent enforcement of your password policy. You define the requirements for password strength and complexity that end users’ passwords must meet in order to be in compliance with IT policy. Then when an end user is resetting their password, the user-friendly interface shows in real time whether their password is meeting the defined requirements. It’s easy for them and for you.

Realize Quick Time to Value

Ivanti Password Director is an affordable solution for organizations of all sizes across all industries. It offers a fast deployment timeline, flexible configuration, low maintenance, and easy upgrades. Coupled with all the benefits enjoyed from a reduction in service desk calls, you’re sure to see an immediate and measurable return on your investment.

Part of a Complete IAM Solution

Through a tight integration, Ivanti Password Director allows for an easy upgrade to Ivanti Identity Director, a trusted Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution. Get started with Ivanti Password Director to fulfill your immediate password-reset needs. Then grow into Ivanti Identity Director when you wish to add identity management and access governance functionality, including automated user provisioning and deprovisioning and workflow automation, in one unified solution.


Self-service password reset

Reset against Active Directory, Office 365,, and other reset sources

24/7 self-service

Reset from a Windows pre-login screen, the self-service web portal, or the mobile app.

Service desk integration

Open, update, and close tickets automatically. Creates an audit trail for tracking and compliance.

Password policy enforcement

Show end users in real time whether they are meeting defined password policy.

Multiple authentication methods

Verify identities through secondary email address, security questions, or one-time PIN.

Password reset delegation

Delegate control to service desk analysts and end users’ managers.

Self- and mass-enrollment

Let end users self-enroll, or mass-enroll them using data from authoritative sources.

Custom reporting

Create dashboards using Ivanti Xtraction to track enrollment, adoption, and use.

IAM integration

Upgrade to Ivanti Identity Director for a complete identity and access management solution.