Set a custom time period for messages to automatically be deleted in Google Chat

News | 28.04.2023

You can control if and when messages sent through Google Chat are deleted automatically with Chat auto-deletion settings.


  • This feature only applies to messages sent while conversation history is on.
  • Messages made by users in your organization to external sources can be deleted on your network by this feature but will stay visible to external 1:1 direct messages, group messages, and spaces.
  • Supported editions for this feature: Business Plus; Enterprise Standard and Enterprise Plus.

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For select Google Workspace editions, admins can now define a duration after which their users' messages in Google Chat will be deleted automatically.

This can apply to messages in 1:1 conversations, group conversations, and spaces — time periods can be assigned for each message type.

Note that this retention period only applies to messages sent when history is enabled. The auto-deletion timeframe can range from 30 days to several years.

Automatically delete Chat messages for your organization. Google Workspace

Currently, admins have limited control over the history duration of conversations in Google Chat: with history off, messages are deleted after 24 hours; with history on, messages remain visible for an indefinite time unless proactively deleted by Vault Retention policy or proactively deleted by a user by user.

This update gives admins more granular control over how long their users can see messages in conversations. For end-user practicality, this helps unclutter conversations, while complying with retention requirements (if a retention policy is applied). If you’re using the Auto Deletion policy combined with a Vault Retention Policy, the Vault policy prevails.


  • This feature will be OFF by default and can be configured at the OU level for 1:1 direct messages.
  • Group messages and Spaces can be configured at the domain level.

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