Meet Zoom IQ for Sales — your personal meeting assistant

News | 15.06.2023

Zoom has launched a new and in our opinion very useful feature — Zoom IQ for Sales. Shortly, Zoom IQ for Sales is analytics of conversations during meetings, with a fixation on important points, such as — the best questions, agreement on the next steps, the level of engagement during the conversation, how much time did your team talk, and how much was left for the customer, etc. 

Zoom IQ for Sales is an additional service that can be used with Zoom Meeting or Zoom Phone. Now Zoom IQ for Sales supports 13 languages: English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese.

Plus, get Zoom IQ for Sales in the Zoom client, bi-directional integrations with CRMs like Salesforce and Hubspot, and more!

Zoom IQ for Sales

Possibilities with Zoom IQ for Sales

Call recording and transcription Recording and transcripts for each Zoom Meeting and Zoom Phone call with customers and prospects provide the foundation for conversation analytics. Zoom IQ for Sales breaks down recordings into smart chapters for easier navigation. You can also add notes and comments to specific sections of the call. Each recording includes a meeting or call summary and the next steps to help reps with note-taking and execution. You can create clips of recordings that you can share directly or group into playlists.

Coaching Many sales leaders use conversation intelligence solutions to improve how they coach reps. The ability to comment on recordings and share call snippets, as well as grade calls on a customizable scorecard, allows managers to call attention to areas of improvement or surface high-performing calls to share with teams.

Conversation metrics You can view conversation metrics like talk ratio, talking speed, and good questions, for each conversation, and look at your team’s metrics over time to measure improvement in each area. Analyzing data like the number of conversations per deal can help you adjust your team’s strategy to provide a better sales experience and improve the deal close rate.

Trackers Conversation intelligence solutions are excellent at helping you track words, expressions, and themes that can inform your strategy. In Zoom IQ for Sales, we call this capability “indicators.” You can define specific phrases or topics of conversation, such as product features, as indicators. When these mentions are flagged in conversations, you gain valuable insights into how your teams are pitching certain features. Also, those indicators can be aggregated and shared with others to point out particular areas of interest, such as what a prospect likes about their incumbent, or how to respond to a typical objection.

Do you want to get a trial version or a project calculation?  Contact us! Softprom is a Zoom-certified partner. For Zoom Meetings and Webinars, we provide non-cash payment in local currency with the provision of a full package of accounting documents in accordance with the country's legislation, and technical and advisory support.

Zoom IQ for Sales | Demo