Automating IT Operations with Ivanti ITAM

News | 27.04.2023

Everywhere Work has become a necessity and poses new challenges to IT departments: to provide accelerated automation and implement artificial intelligence in their organization, prepare the infrastructure for the transition to the cloud.

With constantly expanding IT environments, automation has moved from a luxury to a priority for IT professionals. But for your automation processes to be successful you need to consider investing in IT asset management (ITAM). Why? Because one of the key areas for automation is unifying your existing asset information.

According to EMA research, 18% of respondents plan to manage all asset types on one platform.

15% of IT professionals say that incomplete, siloed, conflicting or inadequate asset information is standing in the way of automation. If you want to introduce AI and automation that will increase efficiency and productivity, investing in an effective asset management solution is a step that can’t be skipped.

ITAM (IT Asset Management) is a cornerstone for automation

Your AI implementation is only as good as your data. AI and automation won't work well when your data is hard to find and spread out.

In addition to increased automation, 55% of EMA research respondents reported that they already use one platform to unify asset visibility, workflow and automation. The consolidation of asset information allows for holistic and comprehensive understanding of processes - including dependencies between assets and software and streamlining processes.

ITAM also provides necessary details when automating or applying AI, especially when you connect it with endpoint management and discovery solutions – helping to provide real-time insights into health, security and performance of all devices.

Being able to have this level of data can help remediate any device issues and security threats before they can cause harm to the IT environment or impact user productivity. With 80% of IT professionals planning to change their current systems either by adding on or doing a complete rip-and-replace, ITAM will be an integral part of the transition to automation and AI for organizations.

How ITAM improves IT operations

IT professionals need to be ready and able to operate at scale and address any issues, while juggling delivering business value and implementing strategic initiatives like speeding up resolution times, reducing costs and improving service quality.

Being able to automate repetitive tasks and leverage AI for proactive identification and remediation of performance and security risks generates operational benefits. Reducing manual tasks will not only take pressure off your team, but you also improve operations by eliminating the possibility of human error, leading to improved accuracy and efficiency.

Eliminating these manual tasks opens new doors for IT professionals to take on innovative and strategic projects for the organization, such as cloud deployments to accelerate ROI. Even though cloud is the number-one challenge to delivering high-quality IT service, it should be noted that ITAM maturity is highly correlated with having cloud waste below 5%.

When you’re looking to implement effective AI and automation initiatives in your organization, having an effective ITAM solution can’t be skipped.

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