[Webinar recording] Trends in B2B Sales 2023

Reportage | 25.01.2023

Trends in B2B sales 2023

A practitioner/expert in international B2B business shares his observations about changes in customer behavior that will dramatically affect sales in 2023. As well as recommendations on how to increase sales, what tools to use to attract leads.

What was discussed at the webinar:

  • What are the great changes in the landscape of B2B sales?
  • Why do prospects avoid communication with sales reps at any cost, and what to do with this?
  • What are Top 7 tools that will help sales departments to meet the goals?
  • Special Bonus from Victoria Abed: 5 secret tips that allow catching customers' attention in a new reality.

Webinar hosted by speaker Victoria Abed, Chief Revenue Officer at  ROI4Presenter. 14 years of experience of work in international B2B business. Since 2010 works in Tech and SaaS industries, with 13 years of experience in Marketing + 6 years in Sales.

Softprom is a partner of ROI4Presenter, a web-based audience engagement and lead generation service that optimizes sales presentations and webinars.