About company

Web service for outreach and lead generation that streamlines sales presentations and webinars.

Allows clients to be caught for online demos and saves up to 40% of SDR and Sales teams’ time, allowing them to focus on closing deals.

To make a presentation all you need is to give your audience a link to a recorded presentation that is available at any time. It can be a presentation link on your website or any page where you have embedded the presentation. When the viewer starts watching, you will receive a notification and can join to continue the show and speak with them live. The viewer can call the presenter to join or ask questions in the chat.

Roi4Presenter helps to save time and increase the efficiency and amount of presentations given by sales managers, marketers and everyone who uses presentations in their work.


Functional features of the service ROI4Presenter

Link access

access to the presentation via a link without downloading any app


notifications that the listener has started watching the presentation and you can join

'Pitch' mode

Pitch mode - choose slides for demonstration of the main content in the minimum time

Lead forms

setting up listener data collection forms, browsing history and reports. Send it to CRM.

How the service ROI4Presenter works

Softprom is a partner of ROI4Presenter. Need advice, want to try the service at work, please contact us. Request for a consultation.