universal CAD/CAM system

ZW3D™ — is a universal CAD/CAM system that allows modeling of products at all stages of design, from sketching the project to manufacturing of products on CNC machines.

Advanced CAD/CAM system for modeling manufacturing products

ZW3D, an integrated CAD/CAM solution, includes the fastest engine for hybrid modeling, mold design and intelligent CNC machining strategy from 2 to 5 axes. ZW3D offers a data streaming solution coupled with unique memory management techniques to handle large files containing complex geometry in real time. ZW3D reduces costs, optimizes design workflow and improves efficiency.

The optimal combination of price and quality has made the ZW3D™ computer-aided design system popular all over the world. Currently the program supports Russian, English, Chinese Traditional, Czech, German, Japanese, Japanese and Polish interface languages.

ZW3D features

Universal all-in-one 3D CAD/CAM solution

ZWZD can perform CAD/CAM work that previously required separate standalone CAD software and separate CAM. The integrated system simplifies the management and exchange of 3D data.

Unique hybrid modeling

The unique hybrid modeling technology allows you to unleash your 3D design ideas by blurring the boundaries between solid and surface elements. This gives designers more creative possibilities.

Advanced mold separation technology

You can design molds from imperfect solids and create a punch and die faster than ever before. Skipping the model surface remanufacturing procedure will shorten the entire mold production process.

QuickMill high-speed machining technology

The patented QuickMill technology helps create roughing paths with even cutting loads and adjusts the feed rate with advanced control. This functionality extends tool life and improves machining efficiency.

Easy to use and learn system

ZWZD provides rapid software implementation and reduces training time with an intuitive user interface, Show-n-Tell™ feature, training video, knowledge base and professional support team.

ZW3D CAM Module

ZW3D CAM is a complete solution for CNC machine tool implementation, offering 2-5X milling, turning, high-speed machining and drilling functions. With unique QuichMill technology, automatic feature/plot identification and a flexible toolpath editor, engineers can efficiently create highly reliable and easily programmable toolpaths for unmatched productivity and safety.

ZW3D CAD Module

ZWZD's CAD solution offers extensive product design capabilities through unique hybrid solid surface modeling, multi-object file management, powerful data exchange and robust product verification tools. In addition, the solution includes sheet metal and reverse engineering. With ZWZD's accelerated learning curve and flexible design module, you can accelerate your product development and increase your productivity.

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A suite of tools for CAD/CAM modeling


intuitive interface speeds up your product design


all 3D data in one integrated system


hybrid modeling, morphing, wrapping and embossing


comprehensive 3D mold design module

Use Cases

There are no indispensable CAD. Beeline Kazakhstan migrated from AutoCAD to ZWCAD

The mobile operator managed to switch to ZWCAD without any downtime in business processes, data loss or staff training More

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