DeceptionGrid provides powerful automated protection against attacks. TrapX DeceptionGrid protects your valuable assets from the many attacks of malicious insiders and sophisticated cybercriminals.

DeceptionGrid's mission is to install false baits, to detect and defeat advanced cyber intruders

DeceptionGrid, has been named "The Best Trap Technology of 2018". This is an automated cyber security solution. DeceptionGrid develops a “minefield” that no intruder can avoid. These are hidden traps and baits (automatic false markers) that look identical to real IT resources and Internet things (IoT).

Successful detection methods

As soon as the cracker interacts with any DeceptionGrid trap, you will be instantly notified via an alarm. DeceptionGrid integrates with key elements of your network and security ecosystem to deter attacks and ensure a return to normal operation.

Multilayered architecture

DeceptionGrid analyzes your network and automatically generates hundreds and thousands of traps and baits. Each trap is specially designed for your environment. The attackers will never guess what is real and what is false, because every trap disguises itself as your existing IT assets, imitating servers, workstations, network switches, medical devices, ATMs, trading terminals, SWIFT ™ financial network components, etc. And false markers, or decoys, look like regular files, bookmarks, links, databases, etc.

Deception Tokens

  • Deception Tokens (false markers, or baits) are disguised as ordinary files, scripts and configurations that are embedded in real IT resources to bait and distract intruders from truly valuable assets and traps.
  • Active Traps create a stream of false network traffic between the unfolded traps in order to prevent intruders who monitor network traffic.

Emulated Traps

Emulated Traps (false traps) is the main component of the solution, which allows using one virtual machine to create a very dense “minefield” of sensors to protect an enterprise network.

  • Emulated Medium Interaction Traps
    Patented emulated traps can be deployed at the largest corporate level using automation. You can choose from a wide range of servers, databases, workstations, switches, routers, and traps adapted to your organization’s environment. When a cyber hacker interacts with a trap, it changes its shape and location, so the attacker will never know whether it is a trap or a real asset.
  • Hundreds of new industry templates
    The DeceptionNet community now offers hundreds of new industry templates (regularly updated) available for your use. In addition, patented Emulated Medium Interaction Traps also include advanced templates for specialized devices based on specific industries. These templates include ATM and SWIFT assets for financial services, Point of Sale (PoS) devices for retail trade, as well as devices for medicine, manufacturing, etc. This allows you to determine if attackers are targeting your specialized devices, which are often vulnerable to attack.

FullOS Traps

  • High Interaction Traps (FullOS Traps)
    DeceptionGrid allows you to provide traps for the entire operating system (FullOS). Average interaction traps automatically distribute the intruders involved through the FullOS smart trap technology to distract and misinform the intruder. FullOS traps also allow you to clone existing resources — you can completely replicate real production servers to further misinform attacking intruders.

CISO, looking for an advanced targeted attack solution to protect large-scale and complex environments, needs to evaluate TrapX.



The mission is to discover new types of cyber attacks.

Deception technology finds advanced intruders who may already be on your network, but other cyber security solutions cannot detect them.

Community DeceptionNet.

Allows users to share defensive countermeasures and exchange traps developed by community members.

Reduces/eliminates losses.

Accurate and rapid attack detection reduces the risk of loss resulting from the destruction of an enterprise’s assets, data theft and a general impact on business operations.

Reduces the time needed to detect hacking.

Professional expertise with high accuracy and real-time analysis in a unique way give your security center the ability to respond as quickly as possible to all attacks within the network.

Maximum visibility and coverage.

Defense in Depth provides the maximum level of visibility within the network, detecting the actions of hackers, and thereby preventing hacking.

Compliance with standards and regulatory requirements.

Increases standards compliance by meeting PCI and HIPAA data leakage laws and other regulatory requirements in different countries.

Minimum costs of implementation.

Deception in Depth provides maximum infrastructure coverage at the lowest cost to your business.

Investment protection.

Deception technology can integrate with existing solutions from other suppliers.


Protect your business from advanced cyberattacks

Defense in Depth

Providing the maximum level of visibility within the network, detecting the actions of hackers, and preventing hacking.

Artificial users

Artificial users can simulate the actions of real network users.

Hacker Tracker

Hacker Tracker allows DeceptionGrid to track the location of hackers, taking into account trap files access to which is from outside the network.

Build Your Own Trap (BYOT)

A powerful feature that allows users to create their own fake attack surfaces and web applications adapted to their environments and devices.

Dynamic Deception

Dynamic Deception allows traps (baits) to move continuously, creating a moving minefield that no hacker can avoid.

No false alarms

TrapX gives 99% accurate and immediate alarms.

Comprehensive Threat Analysis

Full automated analysis of malicious software detection and hacker tools.

Immediate response

Fast detection of cyber attacks in real time at any point in the local network and cloud environments.

Using traps
and baits

Automatic expansion of thousands of traps and false markers DeceptionGrid with minimal resources.

simulation technology

The ability to mask the traps under specialized devices, including medical equipment, ATMs, trading terminals, Internet of things (loT) devices and much more.

Deception in Depth

Combining all the advantages of markers, false traps, FullOS traps and the functions of active networks into a single multi-level architecture of Deception in Depth.

Protection for Rockwell/SIEMENS SCADA controllers

Close cooperation with leading global manufacturing companies to create new generations of cyber-traps in order to imitate devices with the same technology of operation as industrial controllers Rockwell and Siemens.

Use Cases

DeceptionGrid detected a massive attack on a US government office

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DeceptionGrid secured critical IT assets of a network of medical centers and their essential equipment

Assuta Medical Centers improved its network security and prevented incoming threats by integrating the TrapX DeceptionGrid solution. More

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Software company, thanks to DeceptionGrid, detected a previously unnoticeable source of "leak" of its data

DeceptionGrid has strengthened the perimeter of protection, the search for malware and zero-day vulnerabilities from a leading provider of software for... More

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