Secure File Access (SFA)

Secure File Access (SFA)

Prevent Data Leakage and Ransomware Across Your Files and Transfers with SFA

Data leakage, whether accidental or malicious in nature, is a huge problem in all organizations today. All it takes is one wrong access move to imperil your entire organization by exfiltrating information or allowing threats such as ransomware to enter. With Safe-T’s Secure File Access (SFA), you can prevent data leakage and block threats like ransomware by transforming your standard network drive to a Zero Trust, access-controlled drive. SFA enables organizations to expose sensitive information on a “need-to-know basis” only, while eliminating the need to rely on insecure file permissions and vulnerable SMB protocols.

The result? A simple and smart way to provide employees and customers secure access to corporate distributed SMB file shares, without exposing the direct SMB communication protocol

Stop relying on insecure file permissions and vulnerable SMB protocols with Safe-T’s Secure File Access!

How SFA works

Safe-T ZoneZero SFA



Safe-T Puts The + in SFA - Only Safe-T’s Secure File Access Provides


Full segregation of duties

Isolate IT from business users

Seamless integration

Hassle-free unification with current file storage solutions

Control over sensitive information

Keep your data in the right hands

Simple and easy deployment

No client installation

Enhanced risk reduction

Prevent data theft and leakage

Reduces the chance of being hit by ransomware attacks

By removing the insecure SMB protocol