HyperFile NAS Storage

HyperFile NAS Storage

Cloudian HyperFile is a scale-out NAS controller that delivers file services from Cloudian HyperStore object storage systems.

The HyperFile NAS Controller delivers unified support for file and object storage plus enterprise NAS features—such as SMB/NFS support, POSIX compliance, and WORM protection.


The most complete enterprise NAS feature set in its class.

Scale-Out Performance

Multiple HyperFile controllers can access a single namespace for scalable performance.

Multi-Protocol Support

Supports Windows and Linux clients and applications. SMB (CIFS), NFS, FTP, POSIX compliant.

Limitless Capacity

Scale from terabytes to petabytes, without disruption, simply by adding nodes.


Create non-rewritable, non-erasable files for compliance.

Non-Disruptive Data Migration

Migrate data from your existing NAS to HyperFile NAS storage device. Full data access continues without interruption during this background task.


Create multiple namespaces within a shared storage pool. QoS controls guarantee performance.