Claroty Secure Remote Access

Claroty Secure Remote Access

Claroty Secure Remote Access (SRA) provides simple, secure, controlled access to OT environments for remote and third-party users.

Claroty Secure Remote Access - SRA minimizes the risks remote users, including employees and 3rd party vendors, introduce to OT networks. It provides a single, manageable interface that all external users connect through,prior to performing software upgrades, periodic maintenance, and other support activities on assets within industrial control system networks. The system enforces password management, authentication and access control policies for remote connections and monitors and records remote sessions. Network administrators employ SRA to proactively control which users are granted access to industrial control assets, for what purpose, and during what time windows.

Secure Remote Access delivers organizations the following value:

  • Isolate critical industrial systems from unmanaged and insecure VPN plus “jump box” scenarios
  • Eliminate one of the most critical attack vectors that threat actors have used to gain access to industrial systems -- pathways that have been leveraged in multiple ICS attacks
  • Remove the vulnerability presented by sharing passwords across internal teams or teams working for external contractors
  • Enable granular auditing through video-based session recordings and detailed reporting with advanced filtering optionsИзоляция критически важных промышленных систем от неуправляемых и небезопасных VPN, а также сценариев с переходной коробкой.