Softprom becomes the official distributor of ThreatMark

News | 23.02.2020

In February 2020, Softprom, Value Added Distributor in Eastern Europe, and ThreatMark, a provider of a comprehensive solution for preventing online banking fraud, announced the signing of a distribution agreement.

Under the contract, Softprom becomes the official distributor of ThreatMark and will be engaged in the promotion of solutions in Europe and the CIS.

Apart from developing proprietary security solutions, ThreatMark conducts research into malware detection, artificial intelligence, and behavioral biometry, and applies the results of its research activities into the production environment, banking systems in particular.

The idea behind ThreatMark was to create a lightweight, easy-to-use, easy-to-deploy and at the same time effective fraud detection platform, which can support the biggest players in the Industry as well as being deployed in small or medium-sized banks with limited resources. The whole Team is focusing on just one product and leveraging the latest advantages in cybersecurity.

ThreatMark`s Anti-Fraud Suite (AFS) fraud prevention solution for digital banking and payments, is innovative, feature-rich, and modular. It provides behavioral profiling including behavioral biometrics, transaction risk analysis, and threat-detection in one machine learning-based analytics engine. As a result, bank clients profit from a constant, always-on, yet invisible two-factor-authentication freeing end users from annoying online-banking login- and authentication processes.

ThreatMark’s solution processes hundreds of parameters that define clients’ actions when opening a new account online, during the logon process, and also helps to protect users during their interaction with the applications. It analyzes hundreds of connection, device and session parameters and measures the interaction of the users with the device and the application.