Softprom becomes the official distributor of SimSpace, IT Risk Management (ITRM)

News | 30.05.2022

According to the contract, Softprom will promote and distribute the SimSpace platform in the following countries: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan.

Much of Europe is facing an increasing threat to its national security, including attacks against financial systems, critical infrastructure and overall cybersecurity interests.We’re proud to work with Softprom to deliver the solutions that can help train for incident response and validate both the technologies and processes to defend against advanced cyber adversaries.

Jason Cowie, VP of Global Partner Sales, SimSpace

 SimSpace offers the world's most reliable and realistic cyber range platform for verifying the security processes of an organization. The SimSpace platform allows customers to simulate advanced persistent threats and sophisticated automated attack scenarios with high-fidelity simulations in a low-risk environment. Teams can practice and refine their response tactics with real-time Red Team, Blue Team and Purple Team exercises, Capture-the-Flags, ransomware and DDoS attacks and custom live-fire exercises.
SimSpace provides accurate understanding of security posture by assessing all security controls, processes, and personnel. The solution highlight gaps and cyber risks, enabling CISOs to prioritize investments that safeguard business-critical assets. They can also track ongoing projects and initiatives, gaining evidence for compliance and identifying where their programs lag.

Organizations worldwide are in a competitive situation to recruit and retain high-level cybersecurity specialists. To stay one step ahead, organizations need a reliable cyberspace platform to empower their staff, and we're excited to have a solution in our portfolio to help them do just that.

Paul Zhdanovych, Founder and Managing Director of Softprom.

SimSpace delivers the most comprehensive cybersecurity risk management platform, instilling confidence in an organization’s cybersecurity talent and technologies. With SimSpace, security teams, operational processes, and environments are continuously tested, readily available, and optimally tuned to defend against advanced adversaries. SimSpace: Secure with Confidence.