About company

SimSpace delivers the most comprehensive cybersecurity risk management platform, instilling confidence in an organization’s cybersecurity talent and technologies.

Founded in 2015 by experts from the U.S. Cyber Command and MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory, SimSpace combines the highest-fidelity cyber ranges and training content with unique user and adversary emulation techniques.

By providing team and individual training exercises, attack simulations, mission rehearsals and product evaluations that leverage its cyber range, the SimSpace Cyber Risk Management Platform delivers quantitative and actionable insights into how an organization can protect critical assets against cyber threats. SimSpace prepares individuals, teams and leaders for continued success against ever-evolving adversaries.

SimSpace offers the world's most reliable and realistic cyber range platform for verifying the security processes of an organization. The SimSpace platform allows customers to simulate advanced persistent threats and sophisticated automated attack scenarios with high-fidelity simulations in a low-risk environment. Teams can practice and refine their response tactics with real-time Red Team, Blue Team and Purple Team exercises, Capture-the-Flags, ransomware and DDoS attacks and custom live-fire exercises.

Softprom - Value Added Distributor of SimSpace