Pitch Avatar is a new project with AI from ROI4Presenter

News | 09.06.2023

Service with AI for presentations

The ROI4Presenter team has presented a new release of AI-driven assistant for presentations and content delivery - Pitch Avatar. It’s capabilities: generating scripts, instant voice-over in any language, and the ability to generate a presenter avatar that will present instead of an actual presenter.

Pitch Avatar uses artificial intelligence and voice synthesis technologies, which work in tandem to create lifelike virtual characters capable of delivering engaging and interactive video presentations. 

Users of Pitch Avatar have the option to choose from pre-designed characters or create and customize their own avatars using personal photos. Additionally, it can be selected from a variety of voices and fine-tune the behavior of the virtual presenter to match the desired style and tone.

Pitch Avatar - the AI assistant that gives slides a voice and makes them heard, becoming #3 Product of the Day on Product Hunt.

On Product Hunt, the Pitch Avatar service successfully declared itself and found support from the public. Evidence of this is a large number of votes, comments, words of gratitude and support, which continue to grow. According to the results of the launch on June 7, Pitch Avatar received third place. You can also check out and support the product on Product Hunt.

Meet Pitch Avatar features

The true magic of Pitch Avatar lies in its ability to generate scripts for presentations and create an avatar-presenter that not only delivers the content flawlessly but also responds to voice commands and addresses listeners' questions. This interactivity takes presentations to new heights, captivating the audience and fostering a deeper level of engagement. For the moment, the listener can invite the presenter to join with the voice command "Call presenter". In the coming weeks, it will get more variations of commands and trigger actions.

One of the main advantages of Pitch Avatar is the ability to generate scripts and voice-overs in different languages. Just choose the language for the avatar and create multilingual presentations for the international market.

Take advantage of the discount on Pitch Avatar

Experience the power of Pitch Avatar firsthand by trying it out today by yourself or book a personalized demo from the team. 

You can also take advantage of special offers on paid plans available until June 16.

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