Nextgen - Cyberquest announce advanced Cybersecurity solution for small and mid-sized organisations.

News | 02.07.2021

Nextgen Software, creators of the award winning Cyberquest – Cybersecurity solution, announce a major release and upgrade to their platform, providing more affordable and highly advanced cybersecurity for SMBs.

Small and mid-sized enterprises often lack both budget and access to suitably qualified resources to operate advanced cybersecurity tools in order to protect themselves. Adversaries are quick to exploit such weaknesses and, in the case of the SolarWinds attack, they first target smaller supply chain companies in order to gain access to larger corporations.

Available right now for download and trial, Cyberquest V2.20 provides a range of new and advanced cybersecurity capabilities typically only available to larger corporations with significant IT Security budgets.

  •     Integration with OpenVAS gives you the ability to manage and run Vulnerability Assesment Scanning right within the Cyberquest console.
  •     Integration for ticketing and alerts for Jira, Slack and MS Teams.
  •     Built in DTS (parsers) for the most common data sources.
  •     Built in Agent Deployment (Windows) and data source configuration with specific settings.
  •     Scripted response actions for alerts.
  •     Addition of many more threat intelligence providers.
  •     Docker / Kubernetes support including Helm charts
  •     VMware and Hyper-V deployments
  •     and a new more user friendly GUI.

“This release is the culmination of a huge team effort from our engineers over the past year.  We are proud to announce a product that brings our customers incredible defense capabilities even when faced with the most advanced adversaries” said Vlad Gladin, CTO Nextgen Software.

V2.20 not only streamlines and simplifies configuration and management of Cyberquest operations for our customers, but also underpins our future roadmap for implementation of UEBA and Hybrid SaaS capabilities. Get more information here...