Cyberquest is a sophisticated platform that sits on top of all security-related data/applications/sensors/servers, Defined as a Security-Driven Analytics platform or “Next Generation SIEM”. 

CyberquestⓇ is produced in Romania by Nextgen Software, company who delivers innovative cybersecurity software solutions with a local team of expert programmers with 15 years experience in implementing IT infrastructure management and security solutions.

How Cyberquest works

  • Helps stakeholders monitor and better understand what is going on in the entire cyber security system; 
  • Helps interpret complex data extremely fast, showing exactly where threats are coming from and how they act; 
  • Helps generate proper conclusions as to what is happening in the system(s); 
  • Supports all internal/external investigations into fraud, internal or external attacks; 
  • Provides a friendly-to-use framework for compliance purposes.

How Cyberquest works

Cyberquest is a fast and efficient platform for IT security investigation, with advanced capabilities for monitoring and investigating IT incidents in a highly intuitive graphic environment, with run-time analytics and fast returning reports, essential in real-time combating of fraudulent activities on National Critical Infrastructure and enterprise environments, across industries varying from cyber defense to telecommunications, healthcare, banking or insurance.

Main benefits of the Cyberquest solution

  • suitable for SMBs as well as Enterprise;
  • predictable & no hidden costs – lowering the TCO
  • unlimited flexibility for log/application data;
  • no vendor lock, non-SQL Database
  • End-to-End Fast Deployment (10-30 days roll-out);
  • GDPR Compliance – fit per industry standards
  • single point of access to all data;
  • reduces investigation time up to 10 times
  • SOAR functionality (automatic actions) also included in the new version licenses


Cyberquest - Unified Security Analytics Platform