Next-gen data protection — Synology’s new solutions

News | 22.08.2023

Looking for comprehensive data protection strategies? Learn about Synology's latest offerings, including the active-active SAN UC3400, active-passive system SA3400D, and DiskStation Manager (DSM) 7.2.

End-to-end backup and recovery strategies

Synology's Active Backup Suite is a collection of enterprise backup and recovery software that are available on the company's range of business-level servers. It features centralized management and flexible recovery options. The suite, included with Synology hardware, eliminates the need for per-device licenses to reduce the total cost of acquisition for customers.

Active Backup Suite recently achieved a significant milestone, safeguarding over 1.7 million edge systems and 11 million Microsoft 365 accounts. Notably, new edge systems protection rose by 60% in 2022, and newly backed-up Microsoft 365 accounts increased by 51% during the same period.

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Synology new solutions

  • UC3400 is a new active-active dual-controller IP SAN, purpose-built for virtualization. With high-availability block storage over iSCSI and Fibre Channel, the UC3400 is ready for organizations seeking zero-downtime solutions for critical systems and services.
  • SA3400D is a versatile high-availability solution for organizations of every size. The active-passive architecture supports minute-level failover times to minimize service downtime. Support for hybrid storage arrays allows the SA3400D to leverage the speed of SSDs alongside the efficiency of HDDs, making it suitable for a range of workloads.
  • DiskStation Manager (DSM) 7.2 introduces enhancements to address IT challenges, including immutable storage and backup, full-volume encryption, performance improvements, stricter access controls, and storage planning capabilities.

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Other solutions for various data protection challenges include the FS6400, SA6400, and RS822RP+, along with the newly-released Synology Cameras BC500 and TC500.