Synology Unveils BC500 and TC500 AI Cameras

News | 27.03.2023

Bellevue, WA (Mar. 22, 2023) — Synology announce the release of BC500 and TC500, versatile all-weather cameras for smart surveillance in bullet and turret form factors. The Synology BC500 and TC500 feature advanced artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, exceptional video quality, and seamless integration with the Surveillance Station video management system.

The BC500 and TC500 are excellent IP cameras for any business or organization. Combining these cameras with Synology Surveillance Station provides an unparalleled user experience. From deployment to monitoring and archiving footage, advanced functionality is easy to use, ensuring that businesses' security needs are met.

Lori Hsieh, product manager for Synology cameras

The Synology BC500 and TC500 feature advanced artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities

The BC500's bullet form factor (left) is highly suitable for outdoor surveillance while the ceiling-mounted TC500 (right) is a great fit for indoor use

All-weather IP cameras for crisp footage, night and day

BC500 and TC500 feature 5-megapixel sensors that record at 2880x1620 resolution at 30 frames per second (FPS) and have a 110° horizontal viewing angle, providing detailed, smooth video with wide area coverage. Both cameras have an IP67 dust and water resistance rating, night vision range of up to 30 meters, and multi-exposure HDR capability that are suitable for indoor and outdoor use alike. They allow users to monitor corridors and hallways, large open spaces like warehouses and parking lots, and diverse environments like museums, offices or restaurants.

Camera-based AI to power smart surveillance

The BC500 and TC500 IP cameras for any business or organization

On-camera AI ensures data privacy while providing timely and accurate alerts

BC500 and TC500 are equipped with powerful on-camera AI capabilities that provide users with timely and accurate alerts for faster incident response times. Features include: People and Vehicle Detection, Intrusion Detection, and Instant Search which allows users to identify potential threats, quickly investigate areas of interest, and track down and retrieve relevant footage

Designed for Surveillance Station, device licenses not required

BC500 and TC500 are designed to integrate seamlessly with Surveillance Station. All camera configuration and network settings can be managed directly within the Synology NAS-hosted environment, streamlining the setup process. In addition, Synology cameras do not require the purchase or activation of Surveillance Station device licenses for easy migration and reduction in deployment costs.

A reliable and secure surveillance solution

Synology's new cameras feature failover edge storage, ensuring continuous recording in case of connectivity issues. Effortless firmware updates with configurable schedules help admins keep these cameras up-to-date with the latest security patches, while support for HTTPS and SRTP ensure security and privacy through encryption of video and data streams.

Both BC500 and TC500 are NDAA and TAA compliant

BC500 and TC500 are NDAA and TAA compliant, meaning that they meet the standards and security requirements for procurement by the US federal government, and are a safe choice for surveillance installers and security systems integrators.

The new Synology BC500 and TC500 cameras overview:

  • Onboard AI capabilities include people, vehicle, and intrusion detection
  • Instant Search speeds up searches for events of interest
  • 5 MP @ 30 FPS
  • Substream up to 1080p @ 15 FPS
  • Wide 110° horizontal viewing angle
  • IK10-rated for impact resistance (TC500)
  • Support automatic firmware update schedules
  • Camera configuration directly in Surveillance Station
  • No device license purchase or activation required
  • US NDAA and TAA compliant
  • 3-year hardware warranty

For more information, please contact Softprom partners. Softprom is the official distributor of Synology.