Wacom Movink is here — the first professional OLED pen display

News | 25.04.2024

Prepare to elevate your creative process with Wacom Movink — the first professional OLED pen display designed for the modern creative professional.

Introducing Wacom Movink. Wacom's lightest and thinnest pen display ever

Whether you're in the studio or on the go, Wacom Movink delivers unparalleled portability and precision, making it the ultimate creative companion. With its color-accurate display and factory calibration, you can trust the Movink to provide a reliable reference for your work. Embrace the future of creativity with Wacom Movink and unlock a world of possibilities for your artistic endeavors.

Wacom Movink 13 DTH135K0 The first professional OLED pen display

Wacom Movink (DTH135K0). Deeper blacks and a wider spectrum of colors, courtesy of Wacom's first OLED display

Both Pantone® Validated™ and Pantone® SkinTone™ Validated, Movink's 13.3" full HD Samsung OLED display produces a wider spectrum of more vivid, higher-definition colors than past displays. With a vastly improved contrast ratio of 100,000:1, its much deeper blacks more accurately reflect your artistic vision. Featuring our slimmest bezel yet, Movink provides a compact yet formidable workstation for creativity.

An exceptional drawing experience

An anti-glare screen allows you to work without distraction and with near-zero latency. The screen also offers powerful protection against color distortion, even under strong pen pressure, encouraging artists to be bold and dynamic with their work.

Featuring high-performance touch technology and touch function keys

Wacom Movink incorporates advanced touch technology that allows for smooth, intuitive input. Customizable touch keys in the top corners of the screen let you assign shortcuts that will increase efficiency.

  1. A professional tool that works like a dream Quality-of-life features include a sturdy yet flexible USB-C to USB-C cable with an L-shaped jack for seamless connectivity, as well as customizable buttons on both sides of the tablet. These buttons can be toggled between functions, such as turning touch functions on and off, or as ExpressKey™ shortcuts, so you can reduce clutter and tailor Wacom Movink to your professional workflow.
  2. Specially designed Wacom Pro Pen 3, enhanced for Wacom Movink Wacom Movink is compatible with Wacom Pro Pen 3. Offering impressive pen sensitivity and tilt detection, our latest pen lets you create everything from powerful brushstrokes to delicate lines just as you envision them. It has a narrower yet more visible nib, and is composed of interchangeable parts so you can customize it the way you want: change the grip thickness, adjust its center of gravity, or add and remove side switches. Pro Pen 3 brings you closer than ever to the pen-on-paper experience.
  3. The Wacom Pro Pen 3 packaged with Wacom Movink is an exclusive model with a nib holder that also functions as a nib remover. Nib emergencies will never be a problem again, even when you're on the go.

Works with your favorite pen and preferred operating system

Wacom Movink is Wacom's first professional creative pen display to incorporate Dual Pen Technology, meaning it works with the digital tool of your choice – whether Wacom Pro Pen 3, another professional Wacom tool like Wacom Pro Pen 2, or a stylus made with universal digital pen technology from brands such as Dr. Grip Digital for Wacom, LAMY, or STAEDTLER.

Wacom Movink can be connected to nearly any device with a USB-C port to expand the creative options for your professional work. And it's compatible with Windows, macOS, ChromeOS, and Android operating systems.