Wacom Movink with OLED

Wacom Movink with OLED

Wacom Movink combines the best pen experience with a brilliant 13.3” full HD OLED Samsung Display

Explore the future of digital artistry with Wacom Movink designed specifically for digital creatives on the go. Experience unparalleled performance and portability as Wacom Movink combines the best pen experience with a brilliant 13.3” full HD OLED Samsung Display, all in a super slim and ultra-lightweight device.

Whether you're a professional artist, game developer, videographer, photographer, or design student, Wacom Movink is your ultimate creative companion.

With its sleek design and advanced technology, Movink offers deeper blacks, higher contrast, and vibrant colours, ensuring an immersive and precise creative experience.

Wacom Movink (DTH135) is the lightest, slimmest, and most portable professional-level creative pen display. Innovative OLED display, unprecedented compatibility and connectivity, and enhanced functionality in a truly portable package, Movink empowers you to bring your studio along no matter where your creative journey takes you.

Wacom Movink is your ultimate creative companion

Brilliance Awaits: Wacom Movink with OLED

  • Wacom's lightest and thinnest pen display ever. As thin as 4mm* and weighing just 420g, Wacom Movink is 55% lighter than Wacom One 13 touch and 66% thinner. Connect it to your Mac or PC, and you'll have all the processing power you need for your professional work.
  • Deeper blacks and a wider spectrum of colors, courtesy of Wacom's first OLED display. Both Pantone® Validated™ and Pantone® SkinTone™ Validated, Movink's 13.3" full HD Samsung OLED display produces a wider spectrum of more vivid, higher-definition colors than past displays. With a vastly improved contrast ratio of 100,000:1, its much deeper blacks more accurately reflect your artistic vision. Featuring our slimmest bezel yet, Movink provides a compact yet formidable workstation for creativity.
  • An exceptional drawing experience. An anti-glare screen allows you to work without distraction and with near-zero latency. The screen also offers powerful protection against color distortion, even under strong pen pressure, encouraging artists to be bold and dynamic with their work.
  • Featuring high-performance touch technology and touch function keys. Wacom Movink incorporates advanced touch technology that allows for smooth, intuitive input. Customizable touch keys in the top corners of the screen let you assign shortcuts that will increase efficiency.

Ultra-Light Design, High-Class Performance

The Wacom Movink 13 features an ultralight casing with magnesium alloy and, thanks to OLED technology, is thinner than any Wacom pen display before. Its high-quality construction makes the Wacom Movink your sturdy everyday companion, bringing professional display quality wherever you go.

With a maximum width of 6.5mm and only 420gr. in total the Movink can join every journey — even without any extra luggage.

The modern look of the Movink reflects its premium internals and makes the display a real eye-catcher.

Wacom Movink 13 Super Lightweight

Specially designed Wacom Pro Pen 3, enhanced for Wacom Movink

Whether you're sketching, illustrating, or editing, the Pro Pen 3 provides a natural and intuitive feel, making every stroke feel effortless and precise. Experience the difference with the Wacom Pro Pen 3 and unlock new levels of creativity. The Wacom Pro Pen 3 included with the Wacom Movink is an exclusive model, featuring a unique nib holder that doubles as a nib remover. Say goodbye to nib emergencies, even when you're on the move, with this convenient and innovative design.

  • 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity, 3 side switches
  • State of the Art Pen Technology: 3rd generation Wacom Pen technology
  • Wacom Movink edition exclusive: including nib holder that also functions as a nib remover
  • Tilt recognition: Improved tilt+/-60 degrees
  • Super Responsive: The Pro Pen 3 senses every nuance and every change, so even the lightest of touches will appear on the screen

Easy use

A professional tool that operates flawlessly

Convenience-enhancing elements of the Wacom Movink extend to its accessories, such as the robust USB-C to USB-C cable boasting a flexible design and an L-shaped jack, ensuring effortless connectivity. Moreover, the tablet features customizable buttons on both sides, allowing users to personalize their functionality. These buttons can be easily toggled between different functions, from activating touch functions to serving as ExpressKey™ shortcuts. With its perfect transportability, the device can be used quickly and effortlessly anywhere, enabling seamless creativity on the go.

Corning Gorilla Glass

Durability Meets Creativity

The Wacom Movink 13 boasts the resilience of Corning Gorilla Glass, ensuring durability without compromising on style or functionality. Crafted with precision, this innovative pen display merges sleek design with robust materials, making it an ideal companion for your creative endeavors. With the strength of Corning Gorilla Glass, the Movink 13 withstands the rigors of daily use, offering peace of mind as you bring your ideas to life. Whether you're working on-the-go or in the comfort of your studio, rest assured that your Movink 13 is built to last. Enjoy the ultimate blend of form and function with a display that not only performs flawlessly but also adds a touch of sophistication to your workspace.

Forget about Parallax

Parallax-Free Precision: Wacom Movink Delivers

Experience creativity like never before with minimal parallax, ensuring your pen strokes are accurately translated onto the screen with unmatched precision. The Movink's ultra-thin display enhances your workflow, providing a seamless canvas for your artistic endeavors. Say goodbye to distracting glare and fingerprints with the Anti-Glare (AG) Glass and Anti-Fingerprint (AF) Coating, allowing you to focus solely on your creativity without any interruptions. With the Wacom Movink, every stroke is fluid, every detail is precise, and every creation is brought to life with unparalleled clarity.

Pen compatibility

Works with your favorite pen

Introducing a breakthrough in versatility, the Wacom Movink proudly introduces Dual Pen Technology, marking Wacom's inaugural professional creative pen display to embrace this innovation. Seamlessly adaptable, it welcomes your preferred digital tool, whether it's the groundbreaking Wacom Pro Pen 3, sold alongside the Wacom Movink, the esteemed Wacom Pro Pen 2, or a stylus crafted with universal digital pen technology from esteemed brands like LAMY, Kaweco, or STAEDTLER.


Maximize Efficiency with Wacom Movink

Cutting-edge OLED Display

Wacom Movink 13 features a stunning 13.3” OLED screen, delivering breathtaking visuals with high contrasts and pure blacks.

Exceptional Color Accuracy

With 100% DCI-P3 coverage and 95% Adobe RGB, Movink ensures precise color reproduction with over 1.07 billion colors in 10-bit depth.

Ultimate Pen-on-Screen Experience

Movink offers a responsive pen experience with under 1 millisecond latency and no visible parallax.

Unmatched Portability

Weighing only 420g and measuring 4mm thin, Movink is the lightest and thinnest Wacom pen display yet, perfect for creatives on the move.

Versatile Compatibility

Compatible with various operating systems, Movink connects seamlessly through USB-C for smooth input across devices.

Enhanced Touch Technology

Movink features customizable touch keys in a slim bezel, reducing clutter and enhancing workflow efficiency.

Wacom Pro Pen 3

Movink includes an exclusive Wacom Pro Pen 3 edition, offering precise sensitivity and tilt detection for a superior creative experience.

Pantone Validated and Factory Calibrated

Movink is Pantone Validated and factory calibrated, ensuring high color accuracy for professional workflows.