Introducing the new Wacom One product family

News | 14.08.2023

Introducing the new Wacom One product family: Two creative pen tablets and two interactive pen displays with personalization options and an abundance of software, in-depth tutorials, and exciting community experiences

compact pen tablet or Wacom’s first entry-level 13-inch pen display with touch

Tokyo, Japan and Düsseldorf, Germany – 10 August 2023 – Wacom, the pioneer and leading innovator of digital pen technology, is thrilled to announce the launch of its new Wacom One product line consisting of two creative pen displays and two pen tablets with extensive software offers and in-depth tutorials. Highlights include the customizable pen in 7 color combinations and the first pen display in this category to feature multi-touch.

Built on Wacom’s 40 years of experience in the creative consumer, professional, and enterprise sectors, the new Wacom One pen input devices are tailored specifically to the needs and expectations of creative beginners and productivity enthusiasts as well as anyone who wants to experience the fun and benefits of using a pen in the digital realm.

Wacom One – the perfect tool for everyone

The Wacom One product line is all about choice and customization. It is comprised of the Wacom One S and Wacom One M pen tablets as well as the Wacom One 12 and Wacom One 13 touch pen displays.

Both pen displays with 11.6” and 13.3” glass screens respectively, feature a 1920x1080 Full HD resolution with 99% sRGB and low parallax through the optical bonding of the displays for more control and precision. The Wacom One 13 touch is the first pen display in the compact entry-level category to feature 10-finger multi-touch gestures offering users a whole new dimension of intuitive use and interaction.

The Wacom One S and M are the first entry-level pen tablets with 4K pressure sensitivity that supports tilt for calligraphy effects. The customizable pen features 2 side switches for increased productivity and comes in various color options to choose from. The shared Wacom UD pen technology allows seamless use of the same pen throughout the series while securing compatibility with Wacom-enabled pens from renowned stationery brands including Staedtler (Wacom One displays only), LAMY, or Dr. Grip to reflect personal preference – an industry-first in the pen tablet segment.

The Wacom One pen tablets and displays are highly versatile. They can be used with Windows, macOS, Android, and ChromeOS, and connecting them is in many cases as easy as plug and play via a single USB-C cable connection.

Optional HDMI cables are available where needed. The added Bluetooth connectivity for the Wacom One S and M tablets plus the slim design (just 11.5 mm thick displays and 7.9mm thick tablets), the lightweight and compact footprint of all four devices make the entire Wacom One series a highly mobile and portable solution.

Wacom One is much more than just a line of pen devices. Users gain access to 16 software titles for various creative and non-creative fields. This is part of the Wacom Adventure Program, a comprehensive guide with over a hundred videos and tutorials in addition to an exciting series of inspirational content and fun activities for creative beginners and productivity seekers to help them on their digital creative journey.

Registration, setup, and software redemption are as easy as scanning the QR code on the back of the devices.

The software, tutorials, and inspirational content are grouped around the following categories:

  • Drawing and painting for creative beginners
    Incl. Clip Studio Paint, Magma, Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer, Bluescape, Shapr 3D
  • Interaction and annotation in education
    Incl. Kami, Pear Deck, Collaboard, Explain Everything, Limnu, Bamboo Paper
  • Ideation and collaboration at work and at home
    Incl. Foxit PDF, Wacom Notes

The Wacom One product line is a gateway to the world of digital art, creativity, and productivity. It draws on the company’s 40 years of experience in building high-end creative pen displays. Our goal is to make it easier than ever for artists and new users to start their journey. Whether drawing, painting, editing images, learning, teaching, collaborating or developing and communicating ideas, the new Wacom One family offers all the essentials the user needs to discover the benefits of using a pen in a digital world.

Faik Karaoglu, Executive Vice President of Wacom’s Branded Business Unit

Sustainability and availability

The Wacom One pen tablets and displays are the most sustainable products Wacom has offered to date. Petroleum-derived plastics were reduced or replaced with Polylactic acid bioplastic material (PLA) and the use of post-consumer recycled plastics (PCR) increased to approx. 30-65% of the products’ plastic materials, while fulfilling Wacom’s high standards in the durability of the products. The minimized footprint and packaging reduce the impact of transport and logistics, while the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper material and flexographic printing with organic and water-based ink makes the packaging more sustainable.

The Wacom One product family will be available this August. For more information please contact us. Softprom is the official distributor of Wacom.