GoTo enhances customer engagement and streamlines IT tasks with new ChatGPT integrations

News | 20.03.2023

Doing more with less seems to be the phrase of 2023. Businesses are faced with fewer resources to handle more complex challenges and struggle with how to best utilize their most important asset — their people. At the same time, you can’t skim through the news without hearing about AI, bots, machine learning, and now ChatGPT, a language model created by OpenAI that is able to respond to user prompts and answer questions using human language in near real-time. While robots were once seen as a threat to human jobs, this new AI is instead quickly becoming a huge boon to helping human employees get more done in less time.

Given this, GoTo took a look at this new technology and share how GoTo is exploring the use of ChatGPT in both their UCC and IT Management tools with two new integrations.

So how can tools like ChatGPT benefit teams in both the UCC and IT Support space?

  1. Streamlined communication: ChatGPT can help teams communicate more efficiently by providing instant access to a wealth of information and expertise.
  2. Enhanced customer service: ChatGPT can help teams to provide better customer service by providing instant answers to customer questions and concerns.
  3. Improved collaboration: With ChatGPT, teams can collaborate more effectively by sharing information, coordinating tasks, and tracking progress in real-time.
  4. Enhanced productivity: By building automation workflows for routine tasks and providing instant access to information, ChatGPT can help IT teams to be more productive and efficient.

The above was actually written by ChatGPT when asked how it could help businesses, but we humans tend to agree. There is tremendous potential with ChatGPT and other similar AI tools.

GoTo Launches an Early Availability Look at Our ChatGPT Integration for GoTo Customer Engagement:

Grow your small business with tools for better engagement

In recently introduced the GoTo Customer Engagement product, and launched a new message assistant beta, powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT. This integration helps make writing messages and responding to replies fast, easy, and fun with just a few clicks.

Creating campaigns can be time-consuming and challenging, especially if you need help figuring out where to start. GoTo Early Availability ChatGPT integration simplifies the process so you can easily create effective SMS campaigns by generating messages tailored to the campaign’s objective, target audience, and desired call to action. The AI-enabled message assistant can also suggest responses to incoming messages based on the customer's previous interactions and keywords.

This not only allows teams to respond faster to customer inquiries but also saves valuable time which can be put back into focusing on more impactful areas of the business and those customer interactions that are best created by a human.

Automating Tasks in GoTo Resolve:

And the integration of valuable time-saving AI enhancements don’t stop with GoTo UCC products. In the coming weeks, the company also plans to grant beta access to a ChatGPT integration for GoTo Resolve, their all-in-one IT management and support solution. This integration is designed to make creating and running IT automation scripts across your fleet of devices a breeze. This is as easy as telling the tool what you want to happen and having a script auto-generated to complete the task. As IT teams are constantly strapped for time, GoTo believes ChatGPT is the perfect platform to help improve their productivity by automating administrative and repetitive tasks in a consistent manner.

And company GoTo isn’t stopping here. These integrations are just the latest way company is incorporating cutting-edge technology and AI into GoTo products to make IT easy for their customers. Stay tuned for more soon!