CATIA Special Offers for the Construction Industry

Promotions | 13.10.2023

Dassault Systemes has developed 3 special offers “Team Building”, “Team Civil” and “Team Construction” for the AEC industry.

To evaluate and experience all the functionality and competitive advantages of Dassault Systemes teamwork products in a single BIM design environment, customers can purchase licenses at an attractive price for a team of 6 engineers.

This special offer is designed to enable users to test powerful 3D collaboration solutions for architecture, design and construction of buildings, structures and infrastructure.

CATIA — the flagship product of Dassault Systemes, which positions itself as an industrial leader, despite competing solutions from Autodesk. CATIA allows you to manage the entire project in a single engineering data management system - the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. ​You can try Dassault solutions in action and see that they are more than just a Revit alternative. CATIA and 3DEXPERIENCE have some of the best capabilities for team collaboration on construction projects.

Promotion date: until December 31, 2023.

Promotion region: EMEA (Europe, Middle East), including Ukraine and the Caucasus countries.

Promotion terms:

Design, architecture and construction companies are offered a package of 6 separate roles, each with a comprehensive suite of products to address the industry's top challenges, all at a special price.

Each "Team Building", "Team Civil" or "Team Construction" package costs €27,000 for an annual subscription in the cloud or on-premises, that's €4,500 for the user!

Offer for any team: Architecture, Design, Commercial or Industrial Construction, Infrastructure design.

Who can take advantage of the Team Building offer?

Dassault Systemes offers 3 special offers for AEC professionals:

Team Building:

  • engineering solutions for architecture, design and structural engineering of buildings and structures.

Team Civil:

  • teamwork for the design of infrastructure facilities.

Team Construction:

  • engineering solutions for construction. Creating a virtual twin for general contractors and owners.

Try ready-made license packages to build your effective teams in the construction industry and evaluate the capabilities of CATIA.

CATIA offers for constraction

Dassault Systemes for civil and industrial construction: implementation of the architectural design of a building from concept to detailed design, joint work on the project.

To learn more, watch the webinar recording "Dassault Systemes для строительной отрасли" (Russian language).

Frequently asked questions from users

What do you need to take advantage of the offer?

The client only needs to allocate a team to work with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. As the initial team achieves success, the client can attract new teams with additional packages to increase your productivity.

You will have the opportunity to gradually replace existing software products with more efficient and advanced ones without downtime and with noticeable cost savings.

Many customers are looking for alternatives to Autodesk, particularly for Revit. CATIA easily scales and transforms to meet the needs of the construction industry without software interruptions.

Why was a team of 6 people chosen for this proposal?

The decision to create teams of six was based on extensive experience working with CATIA users in the construction industry.

We found that six members form a balanced team that can collaborate effectively on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. A team of this size could design and implement a significant size project in CATIA, or could be divided into smaller teams of 1-3 people to implement parts of the project, collaborating with the larger team. This makes it easier to learn, collaborate, and manage project stress when teams work together rather than isolating the CATIA user in an environment standardized in other 3D modeling software.

Moreover, the price of this offering remains attractive even if there are only 3-4 users initially: additional participants can be added as initial CATIA users gain experience and can pass on their knowledge to other colleagues

Is the platform included in the offer?

Yes, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform is included in this special offer for all 6 users.

Is this special offer available on premises and in the cloud?

The Team Building Special is available on-premises and in the cloud and is available on an ANNUAL subscription basis only.

Softprom — distributor Dassault Systemes. If you are interested in a package of licenses or a pilot project, please leave a request. We will contact you shortly.