All-weather IP cameras for crisp footage, night and day

Reportage | 11.05.2023

Introducing the BC500 and TC500 all-weather cameras from Synology.

Bullet and turret IP cameras for securing any location. Consistently clear footage, 24/7

The BC500 and TC500 all-weather cameras from Synology, are equipped with onboard AI, night vision, and sharp optics for versatile and effective surveillance. Seamlessly integrated with Surveillance Station, these cameras deliver an exceptional user experience, empowering you with reliable and intelligent surveillance in any environment.

  • Easy setup, configuration, and firmware updates
  • No Surveillance Station device licenses required

With a hassle-free setup and on-the-go access, these cameras are suitable for single-site small business installations and sprawling multi-site deployments alike.

! Both BC500 and TC500 are NDAA and TAA compliant