ZWCAD 2024. New features Flexiblock, Point Cloud

News | 21.07.2023

Dynamic block Flexiblock in ZWCAD 2024

Like AutoCAD® Dynamic Blocks, Flexiblock ZWCAD is a special type of block object that allows users to change its shape based on different scenarios. With a wide range of options and actions, including stretch, flip, rotate and size, Flexiblock is a versatile tool that can be easily adapted to other solutions in projects. With dynamic blocks, users can more efficiently process complex drawings in both AEC and other industries.

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How to set up Flexiblock?

Flexiblock is configured and used in the same way as AutoCAD dynamic blocks. If you are already familiar with dynamic block, it will be easy for you to create and use Flexiblock in ZWCAD 2024. Creating a block with Flexiblock is a simple three-step process: create a regular block object, add parameters and actions to the block object, and save the block.

Can Flexiblock be edited in AutoCAD?

Usually, when dynamic blocks are imported into AutoCAD, they become normal blocks without any parameters or actions. However, ZWCAD has a free plug-in that allows you to use blocks in AutoCAD while maintaining their original settings and actions.

With Flexiblock, you can convert existing dynamic AutoCAD® blocks and edit them in ZWCAD.

Функция Point Cloud в ZWCAD 2024

ZWCAD 2024 has a new Point Cloud feature that allows you to smoothly read and process complex point cloud data. Point Cloud can display up to 50 million points simultaneously, which is almost twice as many as the competition. In addition, this module offers many useful features for certain priorities:

  • Seamless file import
  • Customizable Visual Presentation
  • Various Styling and Visualization Options
  • Versatile Point Cloud Cropping
  • Advanced Sectioning Capabilities
  • Efficient point cloud management

Point Cloud — ideal solution for high-precision modeling and design.

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