Zoom Meeting vs Zoom Webinar: what is the difference and when, which is better to use?

News | 10.04.2023

Let's compare two video conferencing solutions from Zoom: Zoom Meeting and Zoom Webinar. What is the difference and in what cases, which solution is better to use?

The name of the solutions already tells us that Zoom Meeting is better to use for video meetings, but Zoom Webinar is the best for webinars. What is the difference?

Key differences between Zoom Meeting and Zoom Webinar

Meeting participants see each other or not. In Zoom Meetings, participants will see all participants and will be able to write personal messages to them. Using Zoom Webinar, you can divide participants into groups and give access to the list of participants only to a group of organizers and speakers, the participants themselves will see only the speakers and organizers.

Zoom Meeting

Possibility to create Breakout rooms. If you need to provide Breakout rooms for participants, you should use only the Zoom Meeting. The Zoom Webinar solution does not include the Breakout Room feature.

Track where the registrations came from. The possibility to create a registration page is available in both Zoom Meeting and Zoom Webinar. But creating links with UTM tags and then tracking history is available only in the Zoom Webinar solution.

Zoom Webinar

Other useful features such as live streaming, recording, polls, interpretations, etc. are available in Zoom Meeting and Zoom Webinar.

Totally, if you're hosting a video meeting where everyone can talk, share the screen, and see the other participants, we recommend using Zoom Meeting. But for webinars where there are certain speakers, and you need to restrict the rights of participants, it is better to use Zoom Webinar.

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