Zoom AI Companion: Smart conference assistant

News | 28.03.2024

Let's understand together what AI Companion is for and how to use it

In October 2023, Zoom announced the release of the Zoom AI Companion service. To date, there have already been numerous testimonials from customers describing how their workday has been positively impacted by artificial intelligence, which helps simplify everyday work tasks.

Zoom AI Companion is effectively used by users to compose quality emails and chat messages, summarize meetings and chat threads, brainstorm creatively, and more - all in the simple and easy-to-use Zoom interface you know and love.

Use Zoom AI Companion in these functions

  1. Team Chat
  2. Zoom Meetings
  3. Zoom Mail
  4. Zoom Events

Three AI Companion factors that Zoom customers prioritize

Conference and online meetings summaries

One of the key benefits of AI Companion, users note, are meeting summaries

Creating summaries of what was discussed in your meetings and sharing them via email or team chat is now easy enough. AI Companion can easily handle the task and create a conference summary and automatically share it with all invited participants. Now you don't have to worry if you missed a conference and always be aware of the discussions during meetings.

To date, more than 125,000 customers have used AI Companion and created more than one million conference summaries! 

Conference summarization and AI Companion smart notes are the first technological innovations in the last decade that have brought us tangible time savings and effective benefits. People can prioritize certain conferences and teamwork and still leave other things undone.

Chris Blackstone, Director of Digital Workplace , Convera

Ask questions during the meeting with AI Companion

If you need to ask a question during the conference, you can do so in any of the supported languages with AI Companion. Zoom plans to expand multilingual support so that you can create a conference summary and ask questions during the conference in up to 36 languages (pre-release). AI Companion even automatically detects the primary language spoken during a meeting and provides a summary of the meeting in that language.

Rapid deployment and accessibility of Zoom AI Companion

AI Companion is available to every Zoom client and you can start using it today. To do so, simply update your Zoom client (minimum version is 5.16.6) and enable the features in the Zoom administrator settings. In these settings, the employees listed in your account can enable at the user level certain features they need, such as features like conference summaries.

AI Companion is included in all paid plans that are assigned to your Zoom user account at no additional cost.

Companies of all sizes can utilize AI Companion without the additional costs. Zoom is proud that tens of thousands of customers - small and medium-sized businesses as well as large enterprises - have benefited from AI Companion.

With automated, detailed conference summaries, AI Companion simplifies information sharing and increases productivity. This addition to our Zoom plan not only increases efficiency but also contributes to significant cost savings, reflecting our commitment to a future with smarter technology and greater connectivity.

John Georgatos, IT director, Mike Morse Law Firm

Download the Getting Started Guide to maximize your use of AI Companion during your workday

What tasks AI Companion helps to solve

Intelligent record processing

Review recordings faster with highlights, smart chapters, summaries and next steps. Complemented with conversation analytics, topic tracking indicators and playlists.

Ask questions at the meeting

Catch up quickly and get clarity on what you missed during the meeting without interrupting it.

Get feedback on your presentation skills

Get valuable information and feedback on how you interact with meeting attendees.

Ask questions in multiple languages

Questions during a meeting now support 36 new languages (in the pre-release version).

Get summaries in multiple languages

Meeting summaries now support 36 new languages (in the preview version).

Write an answer in chat

Compose chat messages based on the context of the conversation and what you want to say, and customize its tone.

Get a summary of chat topics

Create a summary of what was discussed in the long chat thread.

Board content generation

Create ideas for your whiteboard in the form of post-its, tables, or association cards. Refine and categorize existing content on boards.

Draft letters

Get help writing email responses and composing email copy for Zoom events.

Create a chat room in the Zoom Events lobby

Easily communicate with event attendees by creating a chat room

Compose the content of the event

Get help writing event details, session descriptions and speaker biographies.

Zoom services are available for cashless payment in local currency with the provision of a full package of accounting documents in accordance with the legislation of the country at the official partner — Softprom company.