ZeroFox Announces New Anti-Phishing Capabilities to Stop Emergent and Multi-Channel Phishing Attacks at the Source

News | 21.09.2023

The global leader in digital risk protection further extends the depth and breadth of phishing coverage amid a spike in malicious domains and cloaking.

WASHINGTON D.C. — September 21, 2023 — ZeroFox (Nasdaq: ZFOX), an enterprise software-as-a-service leader in external cybersecurity, today announced multiple anti-phishing product enhancements that further position the company as the global leader in digital risk protection. Built on advanced AI/ML technologies and designed by an elite group of security experts, the new anti-phishing features will increase escalated alert volume, minimize false positives, and accelerate the time from threat submission to initial disruption and completed takedowns for all customers.

These new capabilities have never been more important as ZeroFox Intelligence has seen an increase in phishing attack volume and sophistication in the first half of 2023, observing a 30% increase in domain takedowns compared to the first half of 2022. New ZeroFox phishing trend research also notes an increase in cloaking techniques to avoid detection, as well as the use of emerging tactics such as SEO poisoning and phishing-as-a-service.

Complete and Continuous Protection Against Domain-based Threats

ZeroFox addresses phishing differently than both email security and traditional anti-phishing vendors by focusing on identifying, disrupting, and taking down the domain(s) required to stand up a phishing campaign.

By monitoring over 65 million domains daily, ZeroFox thwarts typosquats, homoglyphs, subdomain spoofs, and other malicious domain and URL threats before they reach your customers and impact business operations.

Boost your cybersecurity with our advanced domain protection capabilities, designed to deliver impactful business outcomes:

  • Minimize Phishing Risks with Anti-Cloaking Capabilities: Go beyond traditional detection technology to uncover phishing attempts that would otherwise go unnoticed, reducing financial and reputational risk.
  • Strengthen Compliance and Trust with SSL Monitoring: Ensure that only secure and verified certificates are in use. This minimizes the chances of unauthorized activities and certificate vulnerabilities, aligning with compliance requirements and bolstering customer trust.
  • Protect Brand Identity with Favicon Search: Identify fraudulent use of your brand’s favicon, helping to preserve your brand integrity and customer loyalty by preventing phishing attacks.
  • Increase Operational Efficiency with Enhanced Subdomain Coverage: Enable a more comprehensive monitoring scope, leading to quicker identification and takedown of phishing sites, thus saving your security teams time and resources.
  • Enhance User Experience with Weblog Monitoring: Analyze your web server logs to identify and eliminate fraudulent URLs. This ensures a safer, more reliable customer experience by mitigating the risk of users being redirected to malicious websites.

ZeroFox has been detecting and disrupting phishing attacks for the last 10 years, constantly updating our solution to protect our customers from changing phishing techniques used by threat actors, including the widespread use of malicious subdomains and cloaking techniques. The enhanced capabilities we’re announcing today represent our continued commitment to address the growing phishing challenge facing security teams – as phishing continues to evolve, ZeroFox will continue to be your trusted anti-phishing partner, protecting customers from the phishing techniques of today and tomorrow.

Mike Price, Chief Technology Officer

ZeroFox’s newest anti-phishing capabilities extend the depth and breadth of its domain protection coverage to stop emergent and multi-channel phishing threats at the source.