What's new in ZW3D 2024? See first

News | 23.06.2023

New features of the universal CAD/CAM system

Aiming to provide cutting-edge design solutions that meet the diverse needs of different industries, ZW3D has been added with the structure module and a harness module, along with an enhanced piping module.

New Structure Module

The new Structure Module offers a wide range of standard and non-standard profile types, empowering you to create customized structures. With the ability to modify joint types, add profile elements effortlessly, and generate a detailed structural cutting list, you can ensure precise and efficient designs.

New Harness Module

The new Harness Module empowers you to quickly add, arrange, modify, and manage harnesses, reducing design time and enhancing productivity. Complete your product designs faster than before.

Piping Improvements

The enhanced Piping Module provides optimized display and creation of pipes, along with improved drawing of piping spools. ISO drawing is also added to provide better guidance for pipe construction, ensuring accuracy and precision.

ZW3D™ is a solution for designing industrial products, obtaining part simulations on all terrains, mounting with the creation of a sketch of the project and manufacturing products on CNC machines.

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