What does Oracle provide for Free?

News | 30.03.2020

Infrastructure Compute & Storage

Oracle Always Free Cloud Services

Compute: 2 virtual machines with 1/8 OCPU and 1 GB memory each.
Storage: 2 Block Volumes, 100 GB total. 10 GB Object Storage. 10 GB Archive Storage.
Load Balancer: 1 instance, 10 Mbps bandwidth.
Monitoring: 500 million ingestion datapoints, 1 billion retrieval datapoints.
Notifications: 1 million sent through https per month, 1,000 sent via email per month.
Outbound Data Transfer: 10 TB per month
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Oracle Always Free Cloud Services 

Autonomous Database: 2 databases total, each with 1 OCPU and 20 GB storage.
Autonomous Transaction Processing: For transactional applications.
Autonomous Data Warehouse: For data warehouses and data marts.
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Oracle Database Express Edition (XE)

Resources: 12 GB of user data; 2 GB of DB RAM, 2 CPU threads, 3 Pluggable DBs.
Includes: Multitenant, In-Memory, Advanced Analytics, Graph, Advanced Security, etc.
Deploy on premises or in public cloud (include Always Free Compute).
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MySQL Community Edition

Completely free and downloadable open source database
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Application Development

Oracle Application Express

  • Build applications using only your web browser
  • Build transactional or analytic applications with no coding required
  • Available in all DB editions including Always Free Cloud Services & Oracle Database XE
  • Convert spreadsheets to applications in minutes
  • Start from pre-built sample productivity applications:

Data Reporter: create and share reports based on available data.
P-Track: track the status of your projects over time.
Group Calendar: list all your events on an easy to use, Web-accessible calendar.
Sample Geolocation Showcase: Addresses, Images and Areas Of Interest.
Survey Builder: Manages the process of conducting survey research.
Customer tracker: A centralized repository of information about your customers.
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Business Analytics

Oracle Always Free Cloud Services (Autonomous Data Warehouse)

Business Analytics
Includes Analytics Desktop (unlimited users when ADW is the source)
Create data visualizations to find valuable insights in your data.
Let business users experiment with data in many ways through self-service.

Machine Learning
Run high performance machine learning directly in the data warehouse.
Leverage one of the 30+ algorithms that are part of the database.

Oracle Application Express (Always Free Cloud & Oracle Database XE)

  • Deliver predefined charts and visuals as part of your application.
  • Make users self-sufficient by leveraging the Oracle Analytics Desktop
  • Easily productionize your database ML models by making them part of your application.